Silence of All Virtues: Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality in the Digital Age

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  • Class: Silence of All Virtues: Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality in the Digital Age
  • Date: 03/14/2017
  • Time: 12:00pm EST- 1:00pm EST
  • Presenter(s): MaryAnn Beiting
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Registration End: 03/14/2017


In the fast paced, high information era in which we live, how do you maintain client confidentiality and privilege while still meeting the demands of the client? In this course we will cover the importance of protecting client confidences, understanding electronic media, finding ethical solutions to inadvertent disclosures, ethical implications of using cloud storage and navigating the ethical minefields of social media as legal professionals. During our session we will cover: • Realizing the Importance and Breadth of Protecting Client Confidences • Understanding the Complexities of Electronic Media • Finding Ethical Solutions to Inadvertent Disclosures • Exploring the Ethical Implications of Using Cloud Storage • Navigating the Ethical Minefields of Social Media as Legal Professionals

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State Status Total Credits Type Of Credit Approved Thru
Alabama Considered Upon Request
Alaska Approved 1.00 Ethics
Arizona Approved 1.00 Ethics
Arkansas Approved 1.00 Ethics
California Approved 1.00 Ethics
Colorado Approved 1.00 Ethics
Connecticut Approved 1.00 General
Delaware Considered Upon Request 0.00
District of Columbia CLE Not Available 0.00
Florida Approved 1.00 Ethics 08/25/2017
Georgia Considered Upon Request
Guam CLE Not Available 0.00
Hawaii Approved 1.00 Ethics
Idaho Considered Upon Request
Illinois Approved 1.00 Ethics
Indiana Considered Upon Request 0.00
Iowa Considered Upon Request 0.00
Kansas Considered Upon Request 0.00
Kentucky Considered Upon Request 0.00
Louisiana Considered Upon Request 0.00
Maine Approved 1.00 Ethics 06/30/2017
Maryland CLE Not Available 0.00
Massachusetts CLE Not Available 0.00
Michigan CLE Not Available 0.00
Minnesota Pending State Response 0.00
Mississippi Considered Upon Request 0.00
Missouri Considered Upon Request 0.00
Montana Considered Upon Request
Nebraska CLE Not Available 0.00
Nevada Considered Upon Request
New Hampshire Approved 1.00 Ethics
New Jersey Approved 1.20 Ethics
New Mexico Considered Upon Request 0.00
New York Approved 1.00 Ethics
North Carolina Considered Upon Request 0.00
North Dakota Approved 1.00 Ethics 06/30/2017
Ohio Approved 1.00 Ethics 12/31/2017
Oklahoma Approved 1.00 General 12/31/2017
Oregon Approved 1.00 Ethics 12/31/2017
Pennsylvania Approved 1.00 Ethics
Puerto Rico CLE Not Available 0.00
Rhode Island Approved 1.00 Ethics 06/30/2017
South Carolina Considered Upon Request
South Dakota CLE Not Available 0.00
Tennessee Approved 1.00 Ethics
Texas Approved 1.00 Ethics 12/31/2017
Utah Considered Upon Request 0.00
Vermont Approved 1.00 Ethics 06/30/2017
Virgin Islands CLE Not Available 0.00
Virginia Approved 1.00 Ethics 10/31/2017
Washington Considered Upon Request 0.00
West Virginia Approved 1.00 Ethics
Wisconsin Approved 1.00 Ethics
Wyoming Considered Upon Request 0.00
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