New to LexisNexis University?

We understand you may be a new user and need help identifying where to start. On this page, we try to explain the training types available, illustrate any training you may receive for free, and identify a recommended curriculum track based on your product and experience.

You are welcome to use the search function on the left navigation to help refine your options based on Product, Learning Method, Price, Location, and Date.

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Available Learning Methods

Virtual Training: Led by a Live instructor over a high speed internet connection.

Classroom: Led by a live instructor on location on one of our numerous LexisNexis Offices around the United States

On-Demand Training: Interactive recorded sessions that can be accessed 24/7 over your high speed internet connection

Schedule a Private Session: These virtual training's are set up as a private and remote classes where any topic can be covered.

OnSite: Trainers for certain products can come to you. To inquire about an onsite training course, please fill out our onsite request form

My Annual Maintenance Plan

Users with a current Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) or subscribe to a monthly subscription plan have unlimited free access to Anytime Training for the length of their subscription.