Browse answers to typical questions about LexisNexis® University fundamentals, program format features, program registration, how to cancel a class, access documents, launch CLE On-Demand or Public Webinar Training, and more.


QUESTION: What is LexisNexis® University?

Answer: LexisNexis® University is an online community that provides a central location for accessing Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training. Built on a university theme, you can view CLE classes by browsing CLE Training, track the classes for which you are registered through Your Classes, and track your training history through Your Transcripts. LexisNexis® University is your central resource for continuing legal education opportunities, including LexisNexis Product Training.


QUESTION: What type of CLEs can I find on LexisNexis® University?

Answer: You can find a variety of CLEs to meet your compliance needs, including general/skills and specialty credits. Program formats include on-demand and webcast delivery. You can also filter courses by state approval and practice area.


QUESTION: What is the importance of setting up My Profile?

Answer: By creating My Profile, you can track your learning progress and manage your bar information. LNU uses your bar information to generate your certificate of attendance and populates it accordingly.


QUESTION: What is CLE On-Demand training and is it accreditable for CLE?

Answer: CLE On-Demand training is available any time you need it. CLE On-Demand training is accreditable in all mandatory CLE jurisdictions where CLE is an approved training format. Many states allow attorneys to many or all of compliance requirements through on-demand training. Check your state’s guidelines here.
State Map Guidelines


QUESTION: What is CLE Virtual training and is it accreditable for CLE?

Answer: CLE Virtual training is a live Webcast. This is sometimes referred to as telephonic or webinar training. CLE Virtual training is accreditable in all mandatory CLE jurisdictions. Check your state’s guidelines here.
State Map Guidelines


QUESTION: How do I find CLE programs on LexisNexis® University?

Answer: Click on Browse Catalog under Complete Required CLE or click on CLE Training at the top right of your page, and then click on Search All CLE Training.


QUESTION: Can I search CLE classes by my state?

Answer: Yes. Access this option under CLE Training. If your state is not listed as one of the Top State Searches, choose Search All CLE Training. Under Narrow Your Search select your state under Jurisdiction. You can also access Jurisdiction by selecting Browse Catalog under Complete Required CLE.


QUESTION: Can I search CLE classes by Practice Area?

Answer: Yes. Access this option under CLE Training. If the practice area you are seeking is not listed as one of the Top Practice Area Searches, choose Search All CLE Training. Under Narrow Your Search select the Practice Area. You can also access Practice Area by selecting Browse Catalog under Complete Required CLE.


QUESTION: How can I verify my state CLE requirements?

Answer: Access the CLE State Requirements Map from the main LexisNexis® University page under University resources at your fingertips… Click on your state to see basic requirements and/or link directly to your state’s website.


QUESTION: How do I purchase a CLE On-Demand class?

Answer: To purchase a CLE OnDemand class:

  • 1. Select the CLE Training menu option.
  • 2. Select Search All CLE Training.
  • 3. Filter to CLE On-Demand classes, and select a course.
  • 4. Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Note: If you have not yet created a profile, you will be prompted to do so before proceeding. After creating a profile, you will receive an email with the subject line “Welcome to LexisNexis University”.

  • 5. Confirm Terms and Conditions and Continue
  • 6. Select Checkout.
  • 7. On the Review & Checkout page, review your order, change quantity and/or enter promotional code if appropriate, otherwise select Checkout.
  • 8. On the Registration Information page, populate applicable information and acknowledge terms and conditions and submit.
  • 9. On the Payment page, enter credit card information and Submit to Complete order.

Note: Please note: The payment will show up as Matthew Bender on your credit card statement. Please see the next FAQ on ‘how will I know that I have completed my purchase’.


QUESTION: How do I register for a CLE Virtual (webcast) class?


  • 1. Sign-In with your LexisNexis® University User Account or SSO in with your Lexis Product ID.  If you do not have a LexisNexis® University User Account you can create one via the Product Sign-in menu under Create University Account.
  • 2. Select the CLE Training menu option.
  • 3. Select Search All CLE Training.
  • 4. Filter to CLE Virtual classes, and select a course.

Note: You can also select CLE Virtual Training from the LexisNexis® University Calendar.

  • 5. Verify your state is approved under State Accreditation.
  • 6. Click on the Register button.
  • 7. The class will be added to Your Classes and you will receive a confirmation email.

Note: The confirmation email contains the call-in number and code for you to dial in and hear the live speaker.


QUESTION: How to I start or join a CLE program?

Answer: In Your Classes, locate your class. If it is an on-demand class, Launch button. If it is a webcast, click the Join button. Note: If joining a webcast, be sure to call the number provided on the program confirmation provided to hear the live speaker. Can I download course materials for a CLE program? Yes. In Your Classes, locate the class and click on the Documents link to find available course materials. If you do not find the material you are seeking, contact cle@lexisnexis.com. What is your cancellation policy? Our cancellation policy varies with each type of learning. Generally, if the class was paid for and confirmed, LexisNexis will not refund any portion of the cost. Exceptions will be reviewed. However, please review your state rules for eligible training before registering for classes. How do I cancel a CLE for which I have registered? To cancel a CLE class, go to Your Classes and click the Cancel button for the class you would like to cancel.


QUESTION: What is the Online Licensing Agreement?

Answer: When you purchase online training from LexisNexis® University, you are purchasing ONE viewing license. This includes one Internet connection. Please read the full disclaimer below for online training: U.S. Copyright Law protects the program you are attending. Multiple participants at one location are not authorized to share access provided to a single registrant. For each individual who attends, a single dedicated seat license must be purchased, or a group rate (site license) must have been previously negotiated with LexisNexis®. LexisNexis® reserves the right, at its discretion, to cancel or interrupt access to a Web-based training class without notice, or to invoice and collect the group rate payment for the class from the single registrant if this requirement has been violated. Please adhere to this license agreement. If it is determined you have multiple people attending a session, you will be contacted immediately for payment for each person attending. Please click here to review the full Terms and Conditions policy.


QUESTION: Will Webex work with Macintosh OS or Apple iOS?

Answer: there is support for certain versions of OS and iOS. Please refer to these links from Webex.
Common Questions Regarding MAC and Webex Compatibility
Cisco WebEx Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
More info on OS and Browser support


QUESTION: Webex and browser support

Answer: there is support for certain versions. Please refer to these links from Webex. (Also, we suggest that you install Chrome.)
Common Questions Regarding Browser and Webex Compatibility
More info on OS and Browser support

Note: Safari may not select the Plugin. Please check to see if the WebEx64 General Plug-in is selected (When browser is open...Look at the top left, by the Apple: Safari, Preferences; Website; Plug-ins). If it is not, check it and JOIN the webinar. It may ask you to "Trust" the LexisNexis domain. Click "Trust". From here it should take you to the webinar.


QUESTION: What is Single Sign On (SSO) from LexisNexis® online service platforms: Lexis®, Lexis+™ and how does it benefit access into LexisNexis® University.

Answer: The purpose for this setup is so that the user can utilize the online service platform ID to log into both the online service platform and into LexisNexis® University.
Signing in from LexisNexis® University
Signing in from online service platform