What would be your advice for Law Firms Contemplating the use of AI tools to analyse their own information?

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Emily Tearle, Head of Knowledge Management at Travers Smith provides advice for Law Firms contemplating the use of AI Tools. She discusses that it is very easy to get carried away with all the new tools on offer, however quality of the output is only going to be as good as the content you are pointing your AI tool at, and therefore focuses upon quality of the Content AI tools are using. At Travers Smith, they require everyone in the firm to think about where and how they store all information in all of its various forms. There are a lot of advantages to good information governance aside from AI. Emily discusses the compliance requirements, accuracy and being up to date from a lawyer’s position as well as the importance of keeping information safe and secure, with appropriate privacy settings. Given the advance of AI, of application and search, Emily covers the importance of how to manage the risks, as well as using opportunities to use AI tools within Law Firms.

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Emily Tearle

Head of Knowledge Management

Travers Smith

Emily has strategic oversight of the firm's intranet and she plays a lead role in relation to firmwide information architecture and governance. She works closely with key stakeholders across the firm, including Risk & Compliance and both the Central and Legal Technology teams, to help deliver a co-ordinated approach to