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Admin 301: Professional Series for InterAction Administrators

9:00am - 4:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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Price $2,750.00


This instructor led, 2.5-day classroom offering is designed for InterAction Administrator professionals who will be supporting users, processes and the overall health of the InterAction database. This course will effectively prepare your InterAction Administrators to oversee user access, configuration requests and proper function of the InterAction database. A symposium-style class, each day begins with a “homeroom” full of learning and activities meant to:

  1. Deliver content relevant to both groups of learners
  2. Engage learners in activities that require the knowledge, insight and cooperation of both Windows client and Administrator users.
  3. Challenge Windows client and Administrator users to collaborate in support of firm and end user goals.


Included with this purchase of this class is the InterAction Administrator Client Certification Exam. This exam is proctored remotely in two, 2-hour segments. Part one is a multiple-choice exam and part two is a scenario-based free text format. You may re-take the exam, free of charge, one additional time if necessary. Upon successful completion of this exam, you will receive your InterAction Administrator client certification credentials.


Targeted Role:

InterAction Administrators who will be managing users and overseeing processes, configuration and maintenance of the InterAction database.


Topics included in this offering:

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • IMO, Web client, Mobility, Windows & Administrator Overview
  • Contact Organization & Contact Data Review
  • Managing User Accounts and User Contact Lists
  • InterAction Configuration
  • Managing and Monitoring InterAction Processes and Synchronizations
  • Database and Other Server Maintenance


But wait! There’s more!


After Class Resources & Periodic IA Training Communications:

  • Option to take the InterAction Administrator Client Certification Exam
  • 2-hours Buy-A-Trainer session to be used within 12 months ($1000 value)
  • 10% discount on additional Buy-A-Trainer sessions
  • Subscription to our InterAction Training Quarterly: The latest news from IA Training!
  • Notifications of free webinars, blogs and tutorials at LexisNexis University
  • InterAction environment updates on InterAction Support website
  • Continued learning opportunities

Course Description:

Each day begins with a Homeroom session that combines Windows client participants and Administrator participants who will be learning content applicable to both groups (noted in italics below). From there, participants split off into the Windows client or Administrator tracks for the afternoons, learning content unique to their role.


Course Content:

Day 1 Outline:

  • InterAction Fundamentals
  • IMO, Web client & Mobility Overview
  • Windows client & Administrator Overview
  • Folders & Contact Organization
  • Contact Data & Company Association
  • Contact Management in Data Minder
  • Updating Contact Information
  • Web client Profiles & Search Forms
  • User Account Overview
  • Managing Joiners and Leavers
  • Supporting User Groups, Contact Lists, Rights and Permissions
  • Establishing New Contact and Smart Connect Rules

Day 2 Outline:

  • Folders & Folder Dependencies
  • Data Change Management (DCM) Overview
  • Administrative Reports
  • Maintaining User Accounts
  • Managing Synchronization and Other Processes
  • Configuring Appointments
  • Configuring IQ
  • Configuring Reminders
  • Configuring Nomenclature
  • Configuring Regional Settings

Day 3 Outline:

  • Activity Types
  • Relationship Types
  • Data Minder Configuration
  • InterAction client Configurations
  • Configuration Options in the Application Server
  • Applying Maintenance and Re-indexing Scripts
  • Disaster Recovery and Ongoing Maintenance
  • InterAction Upgrades, Patches and the IA Support Site
  • Administrator Best Practices


    This class was just great! Thank you.

    Overall this course is very well done and has lots of great information.

    The instructor was very good and more then willing to address any and all questions!

    The Trainer was great and made the material very easy to understand. She took the time to answer all of our questions and I left feeling confident I could adminster all the tasks we need to do.

    As a systems Analyst I found the content of this class very useful.

    Gives good insight on how IA is maintained and kept running on the backend.

    I think this is a good course for system administrators as well as marketing and data steward users who will be handling some of the administrator functions of the system.

    This course fit my needs perfectly. Great intro to the foundations of the system & we got into some of the nitty gritty details by the last day. I'd recommend this session.

    Instructor was very knowledgeable and adaptable to students questions and concerns.

    Was one of the best instructors I have ever had.

    The trainer was amazing at keeping the material moving at an appropriate pace.

    The trainer was a fantastic instructor that is very knowledgeable. My training with her was exactly what I needed.

    This class was perfect. Because I learn more by having access to the software immediately after training, I think that it will take a little time to get used to it, but it does seem far more intuitive than other products I have seen.