Juris Suite - Getting Started

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180 Minute
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On-Demand Training
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Goal: This OnDemand Training Series provides a feature overview for timekeepers that introduces the My Summary, My Transactions and Inquiry snap-ins of Juris Suite.

Table of Contents:

• My Summary
• My Views
• My Calendar
• My Weblinks
• My Transactions
          o Time Entry Introduction
          o Enter Time in the Editor
          o Enter Time in the Grid
          o Enter Time in the Calendar
• Inquiry
          o Conflict Search
          o Client/Matter InquiryAdvanced Filters
• Utilizing Grid Functions including Grouping, Sorting, Sums, Quick Filter and Pinning
• Demonstrating Lists/Lookups including All, Favorites and Most Recent
• Exploring Inquiry including Grouping, Sorting and Sums

Recommended Knowledge Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 hrs. 58 minutes

Note: this self-paced OnDemand training requires Adobe Flash to be installed in order for it be viewed.