PCLaw Year End - Closing the Month & Year (02/08/2013-02/08/2013)

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  • Class: PCLaw Year End - Closing the Month & Year (02/08/2013-02/08/2013)
  • Date: 02/08/2013
  • Time: 2:30pm EST- 3:30pm EST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training
  • Content Provider: LexisNexis
  • Registration End: 02/06/2013


These four classes will teach you what you need to know to successfully reconcile your firm’s balances for Year End reporting. By reconciling your bank accounts, adjusting and balancing your firm’s General Ledger, and Closing out the year properly, you will be able to provide your accountant with the information needed to do your Year End reporting in less time, thus, saving you money.

The package includes: 

Bank Reconciliation

Dread the end of the month when the bank statement arrives? Get a handle on all the details of reconciling your firm's accounts in PCLaw by taking this class.

Topics include:
Preparing for the bank reconciliation 
Navigating the bank reconciliation function in PCLaw® 
Working prior items and bank errors 
Interpreting the bank reconciliation report

General Ledger Reconciliation

This session will give the user an understanding of how to run financial accounting reports and perform various accounting related procedures.

Topics include:
Producing financial statements (for example General Ledger, income statements, and balance sheets) 
Reviewing the month and year-end procedures

Adjusting Entries

This session provides the basic skills necessary for modifying, correcting, or removing transactions in PCLaw.

Topics Include: 
Modifying entries using the Register 
Modifying entries using the report drill down method

Closing the Month & Year

This live, instructor-led class will assist you in preparing your year end reports, documents, and closing out accounts.

Topics include:
Steps to complete the month end process
Steps to complete the year-end process
How to interpret  the end of the year adjusting entries report
Understand the process and necessary steps to start a new year in PCLaw
Questions & Answers with instructor

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Class Information

    These four classes will teach you what you need to know to reconcile your firm's balances for successful Year End reporting.