Banking Bootcamp: Financial Analysis (04/17/2014-04/17/2014)

Seats Available: 5000

  • Class: Banking Bootcamp: Financial Analysis (04/17/2014-04/17/2014)
  • Date: 04/17/2014
  • Time: 12:00pm EST- 1:30pm EST
  • Class Type: Virtual Training (Alternate)
  • Registration End: 04/16/2014


To properly assess the risk of repayment, we need understand how the business has performed over the past several periods; this is called trending. The data needed for this process is several years of financial statements, also known as the borrower’s story about how they have managed their business activities. We do financial analysis to determine the questions about “what” has changed so we can determine the “why” the number changed. The explanation of the “why” is called risk identification, and is the first step in making a reasoned credit decision.


• Discuss role of accounting in development of financial statements 
• Review financial statement construction
• Present Financial Statement Analysis Process
• Discuss calculation and role of ratios in financial analysis

• Be aware of difference between “accounting” for accountants and bankers
• Better understand impact of financial statements on ratio calculation
• Learn to better understand the borrower’s story about business activity
• Provide tool to ask more thorough questions about business activity 
• Enhance communications of risk issues in credit memos

Price: $299.00

Class Information

    Location: Your office or conference room
    Prerequisites: 1-2 years of banking experience
    Speaker: Jeff Judy
    Course Level: Intermediate
    Duration: 90 minutes
    CPE Credits: 1.0 Credit hour