CounselLink On-Demand Training for Law Firms

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1440 Minute
Class Type
On-Demand Training
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OnDemand Training for Law Firms provides a user level perspective on many tasks and procedures that you need to know.. Getting Started guidelines assist the new user in becoming comfortable with CounselLink. Learn the techniques and concepts involved with submitting invoices and creating fee offers. And keep abreast of What’s New in CounselLink.

Lessons included:

Getting Started

• CounselLink Overview
• Logins and Passwords
• Your User Profile
• Your Role in CounselLink
• Navigating CounselLink
• Searching in CounselLink
• Additional Resources

Submitting Invoices

• Invoice Overview
• Create Invoices
• Formatting Electronic Invoices
• Preparing to Invoice
• Importing Invoices
• Submitting Paper and Email Invoices
• Searching for Invoices
• Tracking Invoices
• Invoice Overview Page Mini-Tabs

Fee Offers and Structures

• Fee Offers and Structures Overview
• Make a Fee Offer
• Edit a Fee Offer

What’s New in 5.9.2

• Spending Report
• Assumptions and Timeframes
• Lead Law Firm Timekeeper Budgets