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24 May 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Insurance resources to help attorneys protect companies and reputations

Insurance resources to help attorneys protect companies and reputations

Regulatory and legislative uncertainties. Catastrophe-fueled claims. Increasing costs. The pressure is intense for corporate and law firm attorneys who need to stay ahead of it all. Your practice can proceed with confidence using exceptional insurance industry content paired with advanced analytics tools.

Practitioner research areas can range from coverage questions, adherence to NAIC Model Laws, insurance defense and bad faith litigation to regulatory compliance. LexisNexis® helps lawyers access the needed information on these topics and more for building strategy, current awareness and legal know-how.

As your practice focuses on research, defense and compliance, here are just a few of the must-have resources you’ll find only on LexisNexis.

   •   Lexis Advance® Insurance Law Content

Lawyers can be equipped to monitor, manage and surmount statutory, regulatory and legislative hurdles by relying on an exceptional combination of primary law, deep analysis, regulatory coverage, breaking news, litigation management tools and more.

   •   Law 360® Insurance Section

Get breaking news and analysis on insurance law, including coverage of high-stakes cases against major insurance carriers, brokers and reinsurers, as well as relevant policy developments and corporate deals.

   •   Appleman Insurance Practice Titles

Appleman treatises help you prepare by providing key insights on discrete areas with niche sub-practice and state-specific publications targeting liability, cyber risks, auto and professional liability.

   •   Business Insurance Law and Practice Guide

Coverage includes: detailed treatment of many different types of insurance; risk management; litigating with an insurance company; risk retention alternatives; annotated insurance policies; and appendices of relevant statutes.

   •   The Law of Life and Health Insurance

Access statutory and case analyses, as well as insight on the structure and regulation of the industry, including detailed analysis of insurable interests and the application and underwriting process. Explore clause-by-clause analysis of model policies, case citations, state-by-state surveys of prevailing law, discussion of new products and an exploration of complex legal issues.

   •   LexisNexis® State Net® Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

Stay ahead of compliance issues. State Net® monitors more than 80 legislative and regulatory issues related to the insurance industry every day—from healthcare reform and Medicaid to natural disaster coverage. You choose the issue and get the intelligence you need from a single service.

“We tried a number of other options for online legislative and regulatory monitoring and found that State Net is the only online service that fully meets our needs.”

—Regulatory Legislative Consultant, NCCI Holdings, Inc.

   •   Mealey’s® Insurance Reports

Mealey’s litigation reports for the insurance industry include specific titles focused on catastrophic loss, construction defects, disability, bad faith, insolvency, pleadings, reinsurance, emerging insurance disputes and more.

   •   LexisNexis® 50-State Surveys

Quickly compare specific insurance rules and regulations in all 50 states in a single, convenient document—topics covered include insurance fraud reporting, underwriting and rate-making, and more.

   •   Lexis Practice Advisor®

Practicing insurance attorneys provide authoritative guidance, forms, checklists and analysis specific to your practice needs.


Master high-stakes insurance litigation challenges

Predictive analytics and exceptional data visualization tools provide you with real strategic insight.


Forecast your chances of success with LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer. Quickly access charts showing potential outcomes, trends and likely recovery amounts using the largest, most comprehensive collection of verdict and settlement documents—65% more than the closest competitor.*

For example, LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Analyzer generated the following two graphs as a result of this May 2018 search: catastroph! and claim!



Get early warning of lawsuits with the LexisNexis® CourtLink® service, including CourtLink® Alerts and Tracks. Plus, with more than 218 million dockets[AGK(1]  and documents, CourtLink helps you create strategic profiles, uncover the litigation history of a company or individual to assess risk, and uncover litigation patterns to help you predict the behaviors of key players based on their prior performance.

Save time and hone your strategies with litigation data mined through LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite. Gain hard-to-find information on the key players in a case including judges, companies, opposing counsel, parties and expert witnesses.

Critical tools and content in one place

Where can you turn to access a wide range of insurance law resources? The convenient Lexis Advance® Insurance Practice Center, available on the Lexis Advance service, delivers easy-to-access top industry sources, news and legal topics from across the LexisNexis services—all from one page—so you can be confident you don’t miss a thing.


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*Comparison data based on information available as of October 2017.

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