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6 Reasons Why Your University Should Take Advantage of Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS)

May 26, 2021 (2 min read)

What’s the one thing everyone in your academic institution—from professor and student to faculty member and researcher—have in common? They all rely on data. Coursework, lesson planning, research projects, fundraising campaigns, and a myriad of other academic and educational applications demand access to unique, historical content.

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) excels at providing academic institutions access to turnkey, text-based data ready for immediate use. With it, students, faculty members, and researchers throughout your university not only benefit from an unmatched content universe of current and historical news, business, industry, regulatory, and legal data—they can also ingest that data in a way that meets their precise needs using one of our many API or platform delivery options.

But Nexis DaaS offers much more than just rapid, easy access to ready-to-use data. For example, Nexis DaaS also makes sharing citations, documents, and insights with fellow researchers nearly effortless. Let’s take a look at 5 other top reasons why your higher-learning institution should take advantage of Nexis DaaS.

Reason #1: Nexis DaaS lets your university focus on research instead of integration

Your university can use Nexis DaaS to accelerate research efforts across the board. That’s because students, professors, and others are able to find the text data they need via a single, flexible platform. We also offer multiple APIs to ensure data is integrated quickly and easily into existing academic tools and research databases in an efficient and seamless way.

Reason #2: Students and researchers can conduct refined data mining

Students and faculty researchers benefit from our data normalization and enrichment. Nexis DaaS eliminates the time-consuming task of data wrangling, so insights are found sooner, and results are substantiated faster.

Reason #3: Our high-volume text-based data is ideal for data science projects

Nexis DaaS helps your university better support data science experimentation and innovation. The enriched and refined data accessible via Nexis DaaS is ideal for training, testing, and validating data science projects, particularly natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and advanced analytics. And if you have students interested in learning more about AI, Nexis DaaS provides a wealth of smart data for use in AI applications and experiments.

Reason #4: Advanced search features make finding relevant results quicker and easier

The advanced search templates in Nexis DaaS help students and faculty members search for particular content based on specific document segments, such as headlines, bylines, titles, etc. And after an initial search, results can be refined further simply by sorting them according to location, publication type, subject, industry, geography, or timeline. This means no matter the purpose—be it academic research or lead generation for university donation requests—anyone in your university can conduct searches in Nexis DaaS and quickly drill down to highly relevant results.

Reason #5: Students benefit from curated discipline pages

Nexis DaaS offers a variety of specialized discipline pages that provide curated content based on a student’s area of study or ad hoc research efforts. Students can set any one of these discipline-focused pages as their Nexis DaaS homepage, which means they can jumpstart their research efforts the second they open up Nexis. Current discipline pages to choose from include content specific to business, political science, and criminal justice concentrations—with new discipline pages being added all the time.

Nexis DaaS gives university students and faculty members a data research platform they can use to enhance their research and funding efforts. Learn more about the features and benefits of Nexis DaaS for academic research and analysis here.