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Share Business Insights with Custom Alerts & Newsletters

October 20, 2021 (3 min read)

Super sharers usually earn their reputations on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. While it may not qualify as “insta-famous,” knowledge professionals can win followers and build a real fan base too. How? By sharing news within organizations so that the C-suite and colleagues have the information needed to make informed decisions.

The research you conduct plays an important role across the business—from identifying emerging trends or potentially market-moving events to building on critical competitor and industry intelligence to gain an edge in the marketplace. But to realize real value from the time and resources invested in research, you need to connect stakeholders across the business with easy-to-digest insights.

Nexis helps you move from searching to sharing … quickly

With the Nexis® research platform, you have access to an ever-expanding content universe spanning global news, company, executive, industry, legal and regulatory information. And we complement this comprehensive collection of sources—45,000+ and growing—with powerful search technologies that help you filter out the noise to the most relevant results. Those advantages are just the start.

Deliver custom alerts at the schedule you choose

Want to keep co-workers in the loop when news changes? Use the Custom Alerts features to ensure everyone who needs to know, does. First create, run, and refine your search. Then simply click the Save As Alert link at the top of your results screen. From there, you can save an Alert as a scheduled search conducted on the frequency—hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly—and enter the email addresses of your intended recipients.

Drag & drop findings into a newsletter to improve understanding

Nexis also recently introduced Newsletter functionality, that makes sharing news within organizations a quick, seamless process. As with the Custom Alerts, you start by setting up and running your search. When you select the Create Newsletter button, a handy newsletter builder window slides out on the right so you can select relevant articles with a click of the icon or by dragging and dropping it into the template. That means you can spend less time on formatting newsletters and more time turning your research results into actionable insights that create value across the business.

Once you’ve added articles to the newsletter template, you can prioritize your findings just as easily—simply drag and drop to put articles in the desired order. Provide even more context by adding a notes section to provide commentary about the article. This is especially crucial when sharing information because you can offer quick-to-digest summaries that help recipients understand and activate you findings.

IDs enable access to full-text articles

Nexis offers two types of IDs to support sharing news within organizations.

  • With a Nexis User ID, users can take advantage of the search, collaboration and sharing features in Nexis.
  • With a Nexis Reader ID, users gain access to the full-text articles featured in Custom Alerts and Newsletters, without the search and collaboration features.

Even without a Nexis Reader ID, the Newsletter offers a quick, big-picture view of relevant headlines with added insights from your annotations.

Four proven ways knowledge sharing benefits organizations

Putting information into the right hands is a must for realizing ROI from business research. Whether as an organization or among collaborative teams and individuals, knowledge sharing can lead to improved performance. Here are four ways Custom Alerts and Newsletters can:

  1. Enhance efficiency, both in sharing research results and in using information effectively
  2. Improve problem solving with timely, relevant information available as needed
  3. Support creative thinking and spur innovation across the business
  4. Boost marketing and sales effectiveness by understanding target audiences and markets better

Ready to become the Super Sharer you were meant to be? See how Nexis helps you discover and share news within organizations with an instant free trial.