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From Chaos to Clarity: Transforming Disorganized Research into Actionable Insights

November 08, 2023 (3 min read)
Centralized research helps you summarize and share insights faster.

The modern workplace has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last few years, weathering a global pandemic, widespread talent shortages, and the emergence of game-changing technologies. Amid all this change, today’s workers are shouldering more responsibility and larger workloads than ever—and struggling to find enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. 

Just like time, research is a precious resource for professionals in nearly every industry. Yet compiling, analyzing, and reporting research findings can also be a cumbersome task. The typical process of collecting research is often a tangled web of articles, notes, sources, and more. Relying on homegrown collection and tracking methods—like copying, pasting, and linking article snippets into a Microsoft Word doc, or saving page upon page of bookmarks for future reference—only complicates the process further. This chaos increases the odds you’ll lose valuable information, waste time, or fail to capture the right insights.

A centralized research hub not only streamlines your data, but also makes it easy to discern valuable insights—while also automating time-consuming tasks, like storing metadata, citing quotations, or keeping track of sources. That’s where web clipper Nexis® Hub comes in.

Nexis Hub streamlines and simplifies the research workflow, speeding up the process of finding and organizing information so you can spend more time uncovering critical insights. Here’s how you can transform your disorganized research into actionable insights.

More time on what matters

Think about it. How much time do you spend copying and pasting quotes, organizing data, or doing other mindless tasks that sap your energy and take time from the strategic work you want to be doing? What could you do with an extra hour (or two) in your workday?

Using Nexis Hub gives you that time back. The tool handles the mindless, time-consuming tasks of manually copying and pasting snippets and source information so that you can focus on the research results themselves.

The process is simple: Use the Nexis​ Hub Chrome extension to find and save information from a variety of Nexis® products and across the web, along with corresponding links, important metadata, and any personal annotations you want to add. You can even organize your findings into your custom collections, so finding your saved “snippets” is quick and easy. From there, you can quickly access and add your findings within Microsoft Word for fast and simple report creation

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A faster path to insights

Gathering data is only part of the challenge. Once you have that data collected, you need to decide what it means. And flipping back and forth between many tabs or documents means that important trends can easily get missed. That isn’t a problem when you can organize all your data in one spot.

Since Nexis​ Hub collects and organizes all your research in a single location (one that’s backed up on the cloud, keeping findings secure), you’ll have a holistic view of your data. This makes it easier to notice trends, identify key insights, and prioritize what information to highlight in your reports—and deliver critical, meaningful recommendations to your business and stakeholders. 

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Simple and intuitive

If you’re a busy professional, you don’t have extra time to spend learning complicated new software. Often, you may put off changing to a simpler solution because the change management and learning curve seems too great.

Fortunately, Nexis​ Hub is as simple as it gets, integrating seamlessly with the tools and programs that you’re already using every day, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Word. Plus, Nexis Hub collects data from anywhere you’re collecting data, whether it’s within one of our Nexis products or from anywhere across the web. And even if you’re working from multiple research sources, you can rest assured that all the information you collect will be saved to a central and secure workspace.

Bring clarity to your research chaos and accelerate your time to insights and action with Nexis​ Hub. Get started today.