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Data Enrichment Allows Less Time Searching and More Insights

June 13, 2021 (2 min read)

What comes to mind when you think of LexisNexis? If I were to ask you to describe our solutions, you might sum them up as research platforms used by colleges, law firms and corporations for academic, legal, or enterprise research. And you’d be right. But did you know that our research platforms also benefit from our expert leadership in search technology and content aggregation? Because they do!

While it’s true we provide our clients with the largest collection of content available, we also ensure they have fast access to the most relevant information. And we do this with our intelligent data enrichment process. We’ve combined our comprehensive datasets—which are approaching nearly 44 zettabytes in size—with our smart data enrichments to help users of our platforms overcome information overload.

In other words: Your search is streamlined and fine-tuned to deliver only the most relevant data to you—so you can make more-informed, confident decisions that much quicker.

One such enrichment is our SmartIndexing Technology™, which uses natural Language Processing (NLP), algorithmic semantic analysis and supervised machine learning to classify all of our data based on subject, industry, organization, people and places. Another enrichment is our key financial identifiers, which, among other things, let you search for industry articles using standard industry codes.

We have a mini-webinar now available on demand that takes a closer look at the benefits of our intelligent data enrichment process. You can watch it below to learn more about how our data enrichments work and see some examples of them in action.

To give you an idea of how much time and effort we’ve put into our data enrichment process, we currently have:

  • 125 descriptive metadata tags
  • Nearly 4,300 subject topics
  • More than 3,800 industry tags

We also cover over 350,000 companies, as well as geolocation mapping and multiple geography-related tags that distinguish between things like publisher location versus locations discussed in the published article.

Our data enrichments form an integral component of Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS), and you can learn even more about the benefits of our enrichments and how they work by visiting our data enrichment page. You’ll also learn how to get access to our developers portal, where you can get detailed information on the types of content we have available through our APIs, technical specifications and a sample schema.