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How the Nexis DaaS team creates value for clients

February 22, 2022 (3 min read)

Data has always been an essential component to research. But today data is quite possibly one of hottest commodities. That’s according to Viji Alagarsamy, Director of Product Management, DaaS. She joined us for a recent sit-down interview to explain how she and the rest of the Nexis DaaS team create value for their clients.

For starters, Nexis DaaS goes way beyond simply providing access to datasets. “What differentiates us,” says Viji, “is bringing data to life with enrichments and enabling the customer to get insights faster. The customer is coming to us for data feeds because they want insights into topics, people, etc. We have a whole team dedicated to bringing those data feeds to life. To do so, our enrichments enhance existing content to resolve entities and identify topics and sentiment.”

Of course, while Viji describes data enrichments and metadata as the team’s bread and butter, she’s quick to point out that they also set themselves apart from other data providers by taking a hands-on, consultative approach to working with their clients. 

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There is no one-size-fits all approach to data delivery

Viji and her team know that a client’s problem can hardly ever be fully addressed by a pre-packaged data API. “We don’t just throw APIs at them and say, ‘go fish,’” Viji says. “We have a whole discovery phase with our customers to really understand what it is they’re trying to do. Then we say we think this API might do the trick.”

A Nexis DaaS client will often gain access to data through an API on a trial basis, just to see if that particular delivery platform and content set truly is the answer to their problem. If the API does 90% of what the client needs, the services and DaaS teams work together on figuring out what features or customizations can be made to deliver that final 10%. Should the API not work out, the team regroups and tries to solve the problem from another angle.

From data providers to dedicated partners

Beyond making sure clients get world-class data through a world-class experience, the Nexis DaaS team members treat their clients like co-developers. Because they ultimately know that’s the best way to deliver differentiated value you’ll seldom find from other data providers. That’s why, as Viji puts it, she considers the Nexis DaaS team a partner first and a provider of enriched datasets second. “We take the time to listen because we want to help and be that long-term partner. How can we help you today and what can we do for you tomorrow?”

Viji continues: “We collaborate with our DaaS clients every step along the way, along with our own internal stakeholders. We work as one cohesive team to create a roadmap, so everyone knows what needs to be accomplished now and what goal or milestone comes next. Iteration is also critically important to the entire process. We have to be willing to fail fast because that’s how you learn what’s working and what isn’t. I think, in fact, our ability to help the client achieve so much but to also have the discipline to prioritize what objectives to hit first and to co-develop alongside them every step of the way is what really sets us apart from other DaaS providers.”

The Nexis DaaS wants to do more than simply providing datasets. Viji and her fellow DaaS team members also want to work side by side with their clients to develop real solutions to their biggest data dilemmas. And in an age when a company’s data and API needs are constantly evolving, that’s the kind of value many organizations will undoubtedly find… invaluable.

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