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The Top 9 Search Features of Nexis Uni

February 04, 2021 (4 min read)

If you’re looking to get the most relevant search results from Nexis® Uni, you’ve come to the right place. Take advantage of our academic search engine’s top features to give your research a boost.

Feature #1: Single-click search across all content types

Nexis Uni lets you conduct broad searches across all content types. With a single click, you can search the entire Nexis Uni academic database. Of course, If you have a more specific subject matter or scholarly article you’re looking for, then you can also narrow down your search from the get-go. Simply select specific content categories, topics or favorite sources before conducting your search.  

Feature #2: Advanced Search templates

Let’s say you’re a more experienced academic researcher who already knows their way around Nexis Uni pretty well. That’s great! For more experienced researchers, the Nexis Uni academic research tool offers several Advanced Search templates. If you were to conduct an advanced search in the News category, an Advanced Search template gives you the additional option to search by document segment. These document segments include headline, title, lead sections, publication date, etc.

You’ll find all sorts of Advanced Search templates across all content categories in Nexis Uni.

Feature #3: Post-search filters

Post-search filters let you refine your results after the initial search. What’s great is that Multiple filters can be easily applied and removed—with no need to re-run the search. You can find all the post-search filters available for your results set by selecting the arrow next to the filter type. The facets available to filter include Location by Publication, Publication Type, Subject, Industry, Geography by Document, Timeline, Sources, Practice Areas & Topics, People and Keyword.

Feature #4: Convenient Annotation Capabilities

Once you’re in a document view, Nexis Uni gives you the ability to add and save annotations. All you have to do is select the text you wish to highlight or annotate. Then you’ll be given the option to add the selected text to a folder, add the text to your search, annotate or highlight. Look for notes added to a document under the Notes tab on the right-hand side of your screen. And when you enter the Printer Friendly view, Nexis Uni gives you a clear and condensed view of the full document.

Feature 5: Viewable and exportable citations

As you perform your academic research in Nexis Uni, you’re able to easily view and export citations for the documents you’re using. All you have to do is select the documents you wish to include from the results screen. Then select the “Export Citations” icon. This can also be done from within a document view, using the same icon.

When you export a citation, you have the option to format it in APA, Bluebook, Chicago, or MLA styles. You can also export citations as an RIS file for use in third-party citation tools. (So remember to always double-check the citation before adding it to your bibliography or reference list!)

Feature 6: Portable search widget

A registered user can create a portable search widget with Nexis Uni’s Search Widget Generator. Widgets can be embedded on a library website or in a course management tool or library guide, so you can launch a search directly into Nexis Uni. Additionally, the Search Widget Generator lets you create a search box to target specific publications or content types within Nexis Uni. You can also customize options to edit the search box text or choose a layout style within an easy-to-use interface accessible through Nexis Uni.

Feature 7: Shareable alerts

Nexis Uni lets you set an Alert on searches or publications, so you can be notified when new results on given academic topics become available. You can set an Alert on a search you have conducted by selecting the “Alert” icon from the search results view. Then you simply name the alert, set the frequency and adjust a few other specifics.

You can also share an Alert you’ve created by entering the email address of the Nexis Uni user you wish to share the Alert with.

Feature 8: Shareable folders

You can create and share folders in Nexis Uni to you organize and provide content to other users. You can create folders for various topics, projects or classes. And you can quickly access your folders from the dropdown in the navigation bar.

Use the Folder view to see all the folders you’ve created, ones you’ve shared, and ones shared by others. Just like sharing an alert, you share a folder by selecting Actions, Share Folder, and then entering the email address of the Nexis Uni you’d like to share it with. The user will receive an email with an invitation to view the folder.

Feature 9: Discipline pages

Aside from offering broad and advanced academic search functionality, Nexis Uni has developed discipline pages to help students start their research. Currently, discipline pages for Business, Political Science and Criminal Justice are available—but more are being added all the time. Discipline pages are designed to curate relevant topics, sources, tasks and documents pertinent to students within that area of study.

When you find a discipline page you plan to use often, you can set it as a homepage by selecting Set as Homage, found at the top of the discipline page.

And there you have it! Try out these top nine features of Nexis Uni. You’ll study smarter, not harder—and your academic research will benefit from you taking full advantage of Nexis Uni’s performance and capabilities.

Find visual examples of these features here.