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Use Paid Media to Boost Your Earned Media

December 15, 2021 (1 min read)

As siblings in the marketing mix family, earned media and paid media each have their unique strengths. There’s no beating the credibility of earned media and its implied third-party endorsement, while advertising offers unmatched targeting capabilities. Now, the best of these two marketing elements come together in a powerful new way: Nexis® Newswire. It’s our just-launched news release distribution service that uses the targeting power of paid media to help you garner more earned media. Here’s how it works:

A Super Benefit Included in the Price

When you use Nexis Newswire, you can select up to five super-premium websites to have a banner ad placed touting your release placed on the homepage — at no additional cost! And when we say “super-premium,” we mean it.

We realize that some Nexis Newswire users will elevate some websites to “super-premium status” because they’re highly regarded within a specific industry niche. No problem. You’ll find plenty of specialty websites to select from, as well.

Target Your Release with Ad-Like Precision

Because we leverage the Google Ads network, Nexis Newswire gives you access to 11 million websites around the world. This means that you can put Google’s renowned mastery of online data and targeting to aim your news release with unmatched precision.

For instance, you can target sites geographically, from specific countries and regions all the way down to cities and even zip codes! You simply won’t find this level of targeting with other distribution services. It’s one of the many industry exclusives you’ll experience with Nexis Newswire, a robust solution we created in collaboration with iCrowdNewswire.

You can also select your targets based on the age range of those you’re most interested in reaching. So, for example, if your news release is about, say, senior services, you can target sites that reach the 50-and-over crowd. You can further hyper-target by identifying those sites that speak to the industries and special interests relevant to your news. 

Get Precise, Meaningful Results

Another benefit of Nexis Newswire is that our reports go beyond the industry norm in which the nebulous metric “opportunities to see” is the best some services have to offer. In our case, you’ll get ad-driven analytics that contain accurate data on views, clicks and opens.

To learn more about how you can enhance your earned media with the unmatched paid media promotion and targetability of Nexis Newswire, visit