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3 Oct 2018 Download

How Attorneys Find New Clients - Five Tips to Grow Your Client List

A lawyer is often confronted with a proverbial mountain of casework as part of their day-to-day workload. While tackling those jobs is important, the need for generating revenue through new business is still an integral part of a successful practice.

So how does an already busy lawyer search for new clients? 

The answer, of course, resides in efficient use of tools and time. Here are five tips that can help you sign new clients and grow your firm.

1. Join your local Bar Association, and volunteer for neighborhood/civic groups and associations. These groups are a great way to network, entrench yourself in the local community and, most importantly, get referrals.

2. Get a website. Developing your online presence is critical. While you’re at it, take some time to understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing best practices.

3. Leverage FREE social media. Connect with your community online, which can be as easy as setting up a Facebook® or Twitter® account. To establish yourself as a subject matter expert, you can publish LinkedIn® articles or—better yet— start a blog featuring local topics relevant to your practice and community.

4. Seek referrals from everybody. This requires some tact, but anyone with sales experience will tell you to make the most from every personal contact. Even mentioning that you’re a lawyer in a casual conversation can spark a potential lead.

5. Scan for new opportunities in court documents. Monitor new court filings and look for the potential to find new clients. You’ll have better luck at this tactic if you get familiar with practice areas outside your core concentrations.


There are tools that can make it easier for you to expand your knowledge base, which can help ensure you won’t have to turn down a client because you’re unfamiliar with the specific practice area. Better still, tools exist that can improve your office’s efficiency—giving you more time to mine for new clients. Check out the Lexis Practice Advisor® service to see some of these tools in action.

You can learn more about Lexis Practice Advisor by clicking here to access current/past editions of The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™.

Other platforms are available to help you filter through court documents to find the ones relevant to your practice. 

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