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When considering business intelligence (BI) tools, you need a media monitoring and analytics solution to help you search, analyse and share competitive intelligence.

In order to find meaning in the mass of business intelligence data, you need to uncover relevant, reliable information with the most wide-ranging, global collection of web and print content in the industry.

The solution is Nexis Newsdesk – An award winning media monitoring and business analytics solution that allows you to search, analyse and share critical information necessary for analysing competitors and making data-driven decisions.

Nexis Newsdesk won the CODiE award for Best Content Search & Discovery Solution 2020, acknowledging LexisNexis solutions for “An excellent resource for keeping us up-to-date with our clients, competitors, projects and opportunities.

LexisNexis® media monitoring tools allow you to stay on top of industry trends, maximise your awareness of brand conversations, and monitor your online reputation. Our media intelligence solutions are powered by over 40,000 data sources aggregating and filtering global news, company information, risk reports, social media data and more.

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Make More Data-driven Decisions

Monitor what is being said about your company, brand and competitors for a comprehensive analysis of media sentiment. Leading  companies use Nexis Newsdesk for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, market research and enterprise-wide news sharing.

With the proper business intelligence solutions on hand, you can use business analytics tools to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions.

Cut through the clutter with a media monitoring service that provides key news and events impacting your organisation, so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Stay in the Know

Cut through the clutter with a media monitoring service that provides key news and events impacting your organisation, so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Analyse the Buzz

See the big picture with business analytics toolset and visualisation tools that turn data into easy-to-digest charts that can be embedded on your sites or reports.

Share the Relevant Insights

Promote insights both internally and externally to create awareness, inspire action and capitalise on successes.

Reliable content from worldwide sources, available in one place.

Spend less time searching for important information and more time on compiling relevant insights based on accurate and timely data.
We can supply you with reputable, licensed content aggregated from 40,000 data sources, including web articles and social media to keep you up to date and in the know.

Search Multiple Data Sources

Gain insight from global news, biographies, market, company or country reports.

Accumulate Press Clippings

Search, analyse and share critical information powered by accurate data.

Identify Key Industry Trends

Get real-time updates and alerts via social listening feeds.

Protect your Reputation

Thanks to round-the-clock news cycles and always-on social media, one tweet can turn into a worldwide sensation in the blink of an eye. With strong reputations taking years to build and seconds to destroy, it’s crucial producers do their research before programmes air, facts are stated and contestants are live.

LexisNexis solutions empower thorough research and analysis, on a cost-effective basis so you can check your facts fast, and keep the trust of your audiences.

Background check contestants

Ensure your prime-time TV guest or contestant isn’t hiding a skeleton in the closet by using Nexis to check for adverse news stories going back over 40 years.

Fact check your stats

In this post-truth world fact-checking is more important than ever. Ensure your presenters are quoting accurate numbers and referencing verified stories by accessing more than 26,000 premium sources with LexisNexis.

Get the full story, every time

Arm your interviewer with the full story and right questions by running robust research on any given topic, person, company or industry with LexisNexis Research Solutions. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Get Social

Want to know what your audience are saying about your production? LexisNexis Social Analytics’ easy to use platform can uncover influencers, reveal demographics, track sentiment and monitor hashtags – request your trial today!

Take charge of your brand perception

Regardless of whether your PR and brand management efforts are on behalf of your own organisation or your clients', your mandate is clear: You need to capture real-time insights so you can respond proactively in a crisis and deliver amazing PR and marketing campaigns.

Plus, in a prove it or lose it world, you must show ROI on your efforts to keep your budget and your client list intact.

Discover how LexisNexis’ PR and brand management solutions can help you optimise your campaigns for better results. Arrange your free trial today with the form below.

Heighten brand awareness

Tracking column inches of coverage or Facebook 'likes' doesn't show you the big picture. With LexisNexis PR and brand management solutions, you can analyse brand mentions of your organisation, clients or competitors across the media landscape to understand how your brand is perceived.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Understand your audience using news and social media analytics, such as sentiment analysis, so that you can tell relevant, compelling stories that keep people engaged and inspire brand champions to advocate your behalf.

Compete more effectively

Monitor media insights into key influencers, emerging market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with ease. Keep stakeholders, colleagues and clients up-to-date with informative newsletters and data visualisations.

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