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Academic SolutionsLaw Students

We know how busy you are. You have cases to read, legal research to conduct, and extracurricular work to complete. On top of that you may be looking for your first job. LexisNexis® has you covered with the finest collection of content and tools that practicing attorneys use every day. If you have to brief 30 cases for class tomorrow, Lexis® has case summaries to save you time. If you’re drafting a brief for moot court, Shepard’s® will give you confidence in the precedents you cite. Need to know the true meaning of a line of cases? We host leading authoritative content in just about every area of law. Let our intuitive tools take you through it all.

Conduct legal research

You need to search and thoroughly evaluate precedents, develop and validate new theories, or perhaps unravel an opponent’s position in moot court. These LexisNexis® solutions provide time-tested insights, slash research time and give you unflinching confidence as you search and examine points of law.

Complete writing assignments

Get ahead of the digital paper chase with several must-have LexisNexis® solutions that will jump-start your delivery of high-quality drafts. With guidance on formatting, sample work, document forms and authoritative insights, we may just be the best legal writing partner you will ever have.

Prepare for exams

There is much information to hold in your head, much to organize, and considerable pressure to keep at bay. By now you know there is nothing like being prepared to calm the nerves. We can help. Use time-tested LexisNexis® resources to fully comprehend relevant cases, flesh out your notes, prepare arguments and even practice identifying and analyzing key issues.

Learn citation formats

The value of identifying precedent to support your argument or theory—or dismantle an opposing point of view—can go right out the window if the citation or citation format is incorrect. Use LexisNexis® tools and training to confidently cite precedents that put you on the winning side.

Search news & records

Track emerging issues, trends and hot cases reported by LexisNexis® legal news reporters. See what new claims are being tested and how they fare in court, then dig into the background and track records of key players including judges, attorneys and expert witnesses.