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Shepard’s® is the only place in the legal world where you receive comprehensive editorial analysis conducted by experienced attorneys. This expert analysis provides the history and array of case outcomes that help ensure your authorities are good law—and confidence you are building a stronger case.

Support for Your Case.  Unlike other providers that only cover negative treatments, Shepard’s covers positive treatments with the analysis phrase “followed by,” leading to additional support for your point of law which may otherwise have been overlooked, such as better arguments and more recent decisions to support your case.

Complete and Reliable View.  Because a single case rarely results in a single outcome, Shepard’s helps uncover a split of authority, which provides you with a more exhaustive view of your authorities.

Expert Analysis.  Experienced attorney-editors read every case and make assessments according to strict standards and guidelines. They recognize implications and case subtleties that simple algorithms can’t.

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  • Comprehensive Editorial Analysis
    Access a complete range of editorial analysis from negative (e.g., overruled) to neutral (e.g., explained) to true positive (e.g., followed) compared to only negative analysis provided by other offerings and identify potential splits of authority.
  • Shepard's® Preview Pane
    When you view a full-text case or statute, a new Shepard’s preview offers highlights of the report before you Shepardize®.
  • Shepard's Signal™ indicators
    View visual, at-a-glance indications of the treatment of your case or statute.
  • Shepard's® Summary
    Obtain a well-organized snapshot of all of the data in the Shepard's report and quickly access the sections that are most relevant.
  • Shepard’s® Graphical
    List history about the case you are researching, showing you good law versus what may be problematic.  With Shepard’s® Graphical in Lexis Advance®, access this history of citing decisions in an intuitive visual grid or map format.
  • Comprehensive Statute Reports
    Receive a single report containing all citing references to a statutory section no matter how the court cited the section.
  • Shepard's Alert® program
    Receive notifications of specified changes to reports to help ensure you have up-to-date information. Get alerts of recently enacted or proposed legislation that may impact the statute of interest so you can adjust your case accordingly.
  • Shepard's® Table of Authorities
    Provides a concise list of all cases cited in your case, indicating the treatment and status of each legal citation using distinctive Shepard's Signal indicators.
Be Confident and Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Trust that you are relying on accurate, authoritative law for supporting your case.
  • Help ensure you are not missing pertinent legal information that could hurt your case.
  • Develop stronger cases and case arguments.
Comprehensive Research
  • Find additional authority to bolster your arguments to support your case.
  • Identify splits in authority and the impact to your case.
  • Find sources to clarify the law and support your case.
Improve Productivity
  • Help save time on research and validation.
  • Improve productivity by streamlining and expediting research.
  • Eliminate time-consuming research via alternative search engines that are unreliable and not authoritative.
  • Take advantage of numerous user-friendly tools including visual indicators, single reports and summary snapshots to help produce high-quality work product in less time.

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  • Customer Testimonials

    Shepard's gives me confidence that the cases I am citing are still good law.

    Government Attorney, County Government

  • Customer Testimonials

    Shepard's lets me quickly identify the continuing validity (or lack thereof) of key cases. It lets me see how key cases have been modified or used in a variety of contexts. This dramatically speeds up research.

    Law Firm Solo Practitioner

  • Customer Testimonials

    It's malpractice not to Shepardize all cases relied upon prior to submission to the Court.

    Law Firm Partner

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