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New legal matter? Researching an ongoing topic? Search your way with confidence. Lexis delivers flexible search options aligned with the way you want to work. Search broadly or go right to a favorite source. Narrow your search up-front or further down the road.

Get on-point, authoritative information—fast.

Lexis Search

Choose your research path

Start with our simple, but powerful Red Search Box.

Know your citation? Enter it and go right to a specific case, administrative document, legislative document, etc. You can even Shepardize® from here.

Search by Case

Want to see a range of possibilities? Enter a natural-language search to cast a wide net, drawing from vast, unmatched Lexis content.

Search Broadly

Know exactly what you need? Enter a precise search using Boolean terms and connectors.

Search with Precision

Search filtering

You can even pre-filter your search to just the specific jurisdiction, practice area or category you want before you begin. Or if you prefer, you can wait and filter results after you search.

With Lexis you can apply unlimited pre-search filters. Use as many as you want to get to the results you need.


Explore Content & Advanced Search

Our Explore Content feature is another great source-selection option. Explore Content puts all your favorite sources and content types up-front.

After you’ve drilled down to your source, our Advanced Search feature can build a precision search query for you using a content-specific form—one of more than 50 Advanced Search forms available via Lexis.

Staying with our Employment discrimination scenario, see how simple it can be to search EEOC decisions.


Black letter law in vivid color

Lexis® Search Term Maps show you—in color—search terms patterns and clusters in large results sets and throughout every case.

See how to assess case relevance with unprecedented speed.


The right results for inspired Insights

With Lexis you can be confident that you’re getting the most comprehensive, consistent and absolutely on-point results. Today’s Lexis enhancements offer distinct advantages over other research platforms—significant search differences that deliver the right results and a
real competitive research edge.

Rely on better, more relevant results

Find the most relevant documents at the top of the list. Lexis search taxonomy and behind-the-scenes indexing and tagging bring the most relevant documents to the top of your results sets every time. But how? By searching our content twice—first we study your search and collect all applicable documents, then we assign priority ranking in your results list based on key relevancy factors.

Count on more consistency

Retrieve identical results no matter your research path. Lexis gives you consistent answer sets regardless of whether you apply pre-search filters or post-search filters.

Search until you’re satisfied

Don’t fret over creating the perfect search query. If your first search doesn’t hit the mark, then keep going because you have a Lexis flat-rate subscription and you will not incur additional charges per search. Documents that are outside the subscription plan are identified by an on-screen notification. You see the cost up-front to make an informed decision. Searching on Lexis is worry-free.

View results your way

Choose your view to speed up your research. Full results view offers more detail to give you a better understanding of the document before you click. Make decisions faster with important information already in your sightline—Shepard’s® Preview and About This Document remain on the right side of your document.

What’s in it for you?

Finished exploring? Start experiencing.

You’ve seen just a few of the real differences across our content, innovative tools and leading-edge legal technology.

Now let’s talk about how we can best apply those differences to meet the distinct needs of your organization.

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