Experience the full power of the Lexis Advance® service with total integration of cutting-edge LexisNexis® solutions that give you even greater control over your work process. From workflow apps to case-building and deal-making to exclusive analytics, integrated solutions means your research trail never has to go cold.

  • Uncover hidden connections between entities—LexisNexis® Public Records is the essential tool for uncovering elusive connections between people, businesses and locations.
  • Profile the judges, attorneys and experts critical to your case—LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite is an easy-to-use analytical tool that enables you to examine the key players whose opinions may impact your case.
  • Review past cases and assess future opportunities—LexisNexis® Verdict and Settlement Analyzer is the premier litigation tool for reviewing past cases and uncovering possible risks in current cases.
  • Boost your confidence and maximize efficiency—Lexis Practice Advisor® gives you know-how from authoritative practical guidance, on-point annotated forms and extensive resources to help you complete your matters.
  • Better assess and understand the value of medical cases—Lexis Medical Navigator is the all-in-one interactive tool that combines case facts with medical and legal research to help you analyze standard of care and assess potential case value.
  • Draft documents even faster—Lexis® for Microsoft Office® allows you to complete legal research directly from within your favorite Microsoft® products.

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