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Lexis Advance® takes online legal research to the next level


LexisNexis put legal research online first. Now we’re leading the way with powerful data visualization and predictive analytical tools you can use to make your work faster and more reliable.

Research Questions Asked and Answered—with Lexis® Answers

Lexis® Answers uses machine learning technology to understand your question, anticipate what you are searching for and deliver a clear, concise, authoritative answer plus comprehensive search results. Just start typing a question or legal term in the Red Search Box. Lexis Answers suggests natural language queries for you and provides a concise answer with a link to the source plus an expansive list of other relevant results to fuel further research.


Uncover Judicial Insights with Lex Machina®

Visualize Case Relevance with Search Term Maps

Predict Bill Passage with Legislative Outlook

Legislative Outlook uses predictive analytics and sophisticated algorithms to determine and report the likelihood of a bill’s passage through the legislative process. Legislative Outlook displays an at-a-glance meter of a bill’s probability for advancing to the next legislative step, based on the politics of the jurisdiction, the sponsor(s)’s influence and past success rate, and other empirical data.

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Find Good Law with Shepard’s® Citations Service

Shepard’s® innovations enable deeper insight into the reception of your case. Discover splits in authority with positive and negative treatment indications, and visualize case treatment with the exclusive Shepard’s Graphical. Also, quickly understand why a case received the treatment it did—without leaving your full-text case. With one click, the new Reason for Shepard’s Signal feature displays the citing reference—at the precise passage—most responsible for the Shepard’s Signal indicator.

Reason for Shepard’s Signal Flyer

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