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Compliance & Third–Party Due Diligence
Grow, compete and reduce risk.

LexisNexis® solutions give you the tools you need to confidently maintain a healthy and compliant organization. Keep pace with rapidly changing rules and regulations. Conduct enhanced due diligence and monitor your business partners, customers and suppliers, and better protect your organization’s assets. Minimize your risk of government investigations and costly litigation. Understand the current and proposed regulatory landscape in your specific field or industry. Review expert analysis and checklists, with guidance to help your organization stay compliant.

Monitor regulations & compliance programs

Monitor the countless regulations that govern your business. Gain insights into your suppliers, customers and partners and their respect for the rules. Achieve these objectives with LexisNexis® solutions designed to help you analyze fluctuating SEC guidelines, new enforcement actions, major business transactions and pertinent court decisions. Work with the confidence that you are using industry-leading tools to help ensure compliance across your enterprise and business network. Know the rules, and play by them too.

Third-party due diligence & ongoing monitoring

Many organizations have identified a greater need to implement effective, risk-based due diligence procedures. With that in mind, LexisNexis offers a range of tools for finding information on people, companies and countries—and satisfying regulatory requirements for appropriate checks. LexisNexis tools provide one convenient, global resource, whether you are looking for timely information on clients, suppliers or partners; checking for more company information or legal histories; or conducting ongoing monitoring.

Research & communicate governance standards

Make sure you’re working with the right third-parties and agents. Maintain tight control and monitor of each link in your supply chain. Go beyond the numbers to get the full story. Get the confidence you need—and your organization demands—to provide the right due diligence, the right monitoring, and the right internal communications tools to keep you on the right path with your business and out of the soup with regulators.