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Whether you are a senior associate or just getting started at a firm, you perform a variety of tasks and will take on increasingly greater responsibility. You want to gain experience to move up in the firm while managing an often-exhausting workload. We are here to help. Rely on LexisNexis® solutions to help you deliver on your growing responsibilities as you advance through your legal career.

Conduct legal research

Search and thoroughly evaluate precedents, develop and validate new theories or unravel an opponent’s position. These LexisNexis® solutions will provide time-tested insights, slash your research time and give you unflinching confidence in your important work product.

Draft documents

Get ahead of the digital paper chase with several must-have LexisNexis® solutions that will jump-start your delivery of high-quality drafts. With guidance on formatting, sample work, document forms and authoritative insights, we may just be the best legal writing partner you will ever have.

Get practical guidance

Benefit from the work of experts in your area of practice, from professionals who draw on many years of practical experience to many who are among the most renowned names in the world of legal analysis.

Research people, businesses & organizations

Dig through vast databases with the help of technology solutions that are highly sophisticated and complex on the back end, but are simple and intuitive on front end. Deploy our robust search, analytical and reporting tools to find the critical information on people, companies, assets and locations you regularly need in your practice.

Prepare for depositions or trial

How can you most efficiently get ready for depositions or trial presentations with so many pieces to the puzzle? LexisNexis® solutions help you pull complex facts and volumes of evidence altogether when you need it most, so you’re ready to go when you walk into the conference room or courthouse.

Coordinate & manage facts & evidence

There is too much at stake to let volume and complexity keep you from presenting a compelling case. LexisNexis® provides solutions that help you keep the facts straight, structured and accessible.