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You are a pillar of the firm, responsible for delivering exceptional legal counsel, satisfying existing clients and courting new ones, securing court victories, making sound business transactions and providing valuable insights that will ensure the firm thrives for years to come. With LexisNexis® solutions you will stay several beats ahead as you overcome tough challenges and seize the most valuable opportunities for clients, for you, and for your partners and shareholders.

Stay current

Keep up to date on what is happening in your practice area. Know the status of specific litigation or when something new hits the courts. Stay informed about developments taking place in the industry or field that is most relevant to your clients and your practice.

Analyze depositions

A lot of witness information is flying at you—some of it important, some of it extraneous. How can you make sure you and your team are pulling together witness statements in an efficient and logical way? LexisNexis® solutions will help you manage and review this critical piece of the discovery process, connecting depositions to other pieces of evidence to present a winning case.

Litigate cases

Collect and analyze important materials, then organize and present your case with state-of-the-art tools and solutions from LexisNexis®. Connect related pieces of evidence, structure your materials, create timelines and dazzle the court, the jury or a neutral with a compelling display of all you and your team have built into the foundation of your case.