While the judge plays a key role in the ultimate case outcome, many litigators still don’t take the time to research this pivotal player.

Armed with a better understanding of a judge’s past rulings or experience in a particular area of law, you can determine how best to proceed with your case strategy. A quick and simple search of comprehensive resources on LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite can reveal a judge’s:

  • Experience with a specific area of law or similar issues
  • Tendencies and ruling style
  • Prior work history
  • Authored works

Get a single view on a judge’s complete body of work, including verdicts, cases, briefs and more to learn experience, patterns and ruling tendencies.

Get a graphical snapshot of prior work history—caseload, involvement in particular areas of law, motions filed and more.

Gain further actionable insights on expertise and interests by reviewing authored works.

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