The LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite solution is a game-changing approach to gathering litigation intelligence It ensures that you’re building your case on a superior foundation—one built on actionable insight and revealing analytics about the key figures involved in your suit—expert witnesses, judges and opposing counsel.

Only LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite brings you deep insights and analytics gleaned from case law, verdict and settlement reports, depos, transcripts, court dockets, Mealey’s® litigation reports, an unrivaled news collection and other hard-to-find and often exclusive resources.

Featuring a surprisingly simple yet powerful interface, it helps time-crunched litigators:

  • Find, connect and review deep data on:
    • 382K+ expert witnesses
    • 60K+ judges
    • 2M attorneys
  • Identify trends quickly with graphic snapshots and then jump to deeper analysis in a few clicks
  • Challenge opposing counsel’s expert witnesses and thoroughly vet your own
  • Strategize based on a judge’s past ruling patterns
  • Anticipate opposing counsel’s approach based on litigation tendencies

Plus, it’s easy to share information with custom reports you create in seconds.

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