New Reference Retriever finds information incorporated in SEC filings “by reference.” (October 2013)

At last … here’s relief for one of the biggest headaches suffered by SEC filings researchers: filings or exhibits incorporated by reference. The Knowledge Mosaic® Reference Retriever helps you find this referenced information—without leaving the filing you’re viewing. (See graphics in PDF, and review the video)

Here’s the problem …The SEC often allows filers to incorporate information from previously filed documents simply by referencing the information, in lieu of actually including it. This “incorporation by reference” disrupts research workflow. You must leave your current document and retrieve the referenced document.

Here’s the solution …Locate referenced filings or exhibits without leaving the document you’re researching. The Knowledge Mosaic Reference Retriever is a simple, streamlined search tool integrated right into your full-text documents. Use it to find referenced documents—or any SEC EDGAR® document mentioned in another filing.

Here’s how the Knowledge Mosaic Reference Retriever works …Enter a search on the Knowledge Mosaic SEC Filings search page and open a document in HTML format. Notice the red Reference Retriever toolbar on the right side of your screen.

When you find a reference to another document filed with the SEC, click the down arrow to open the tool and drag and drop the tool to place it anywhere on the page. Then use the tool search form to search for the referenced document. The Reference Retriever will already include the name of the filer. Enter additional information (form type, date range, etc.) about the referenced filing to target your search. When you click the desired result, the document will open in a new tab, allowing you to easily navigate between the referenced document and the original document you were viewing.

Only the Knowledge Mosaic Reference Retriever positions you to access any and all referenced documents available on SEC EDGAR—with no limitations on what you can potentially retrieve. Indeed, the Reference Retriever is not limited to documents incorporated by reference; it can be used to efficiently locate any SEC EDGAR document mentioned in another filing.