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Immigration Law

Fast, Not Fair: How Expedited Processes Harm Immigrant Children Seeking Protection

Young Center, Feb. 2023

"Expedited processes prioritize speed over fairness in considering children’s asylum cases. They deny the reality of children’s distinct developmental stages; the impact of trauma on their ability to build their case; their need for support from trusted adults, counsel and advocates; and instances where children are eligible for protection independent of their parent or legal guardian. Yet, our immigration system has repeatedly subjected children and families to expedited processes, and recent policies threaten to expand their use for children’s cases. In a new brief, the Young Center and First Focus on Children urge the government to engage in a wholesale reimagining of the immigration system for children founded on the principle that all children seeking protection in the United States must be able to participate in a holistic process of decision making that centers children and ensures that the child’s best interests are the primary consideration in every decision."