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US vs International Election Media Coverage: Donald Trump is One of the Most Talked-About Americans

Posted on 02-26-2016 by Megan Burnside

Which issues and candidates in the U.S. presidential election are making headlines in international media? New analysis by LexisNexis Newsdesk shows a stark contrast between U.S. media coverage and that from other nations. The analysis was performed on print, online and broadcast media coverage of the presidential election over the last 30 days in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Who’s Winning in Share of Voice?

The biggest surprise in LexisNexis’s current analysis is how dramatically different share of voice, or percentage of coverage, is between U.S. and international media. Consider these facts:

  • Donald Trump enjoys nearly 50 percent of all media coverage generated in the U.S., compared to 37 percent of media coverage abroad.
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders share a combined 26 percent of U.S. media coverage (14 and 12 percent, respectively) but are the only two candidates to currently enjoy double-digit share of voice besides Trump.
  • Ted Cruz has captured a higher percentage of international news than domestic news, at 12 percent and 9 percent share of voice, respectively.
  • Ben Carson, John Kasich and Marco Rubio have failed to capture significant media coverage in either U.S. or international media.

 A Look at the Issues

The issues have frequently taken a back seat to the personalities associated with Election 2016, but that doesn’t mean hot topics aren’t still making the news. The volume of stories about key campaign issues is another point of comparison between U.S. and international media.

  • Healthcare, taxes, energy and oil, education, abortion and immigration are hot topics among both domestic and international media.
  • Surprisingly, gender equality and terrorism are more frequently covered in international media than in the U.S.

Positive, Negative, Neutral

When it comes to positive, negative and neutral media coverage, U.S. media skews more neutral and positive than international media:

  • 10 percent of international coverage is negative, nearly 3 percent higher than negative coverage in the U.S.
  • Positive, negative and neutral coverage of individual candidates is fairly consistent among U.S. and international sources, although Republican candidates are viewed more negatively abroad than at home.

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