Tactical Versus Strategic Competitive Intelligence: What's the Difference and Why is Each Type of Research Critical to Your Success

Explore the differences between tactical and strategic competitive intelligence and learn how each type can yield measurable value for your business.
4 Jun 2020

Espionage Alert: How to Crack the Competitive Intelligence Code Without Breaking Ethical & Legal Boundaries

When does competitive intelligence cross the line to corporate espionage? This blog looks at what it takes to gather CI ethically and legally.
4 Jun 2020

Gearing Up for Challenging Times: Why Manufacturing Needs Competitive Intelligence Now More than Ever

See how manufacturing companies benefit from competitive intelligence, particularly during times of crisis and disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic.
4 Jun 2020

How Will CCPA Affect California's Real Estate Industry & When Will the Rest of the Country Join the Data Privacy Bandwagon?

Enforcement for the California Consumer Protect Act begins in just a few months. Find out how it could impact the US Real Estate Industry.
29 May 2020

Why adverse media screening during the Coronavirus pandemic is more important than ever

Adverse Media monitoring allows companies around the world to gain critical awareness into risk—from compliance concerns to supply chain disruption from Coronavirus.
29 May 2020

5 Quick Tips for Maximizing the Value You Get from Conducting Real Estate Research

Make the most of the time you spend conducting real estate research. See how the right research platform helps you find critical information, sooner.
27 May 2020

3 ways risk management technology improves productivity

One of the biggest potential time-savers for risk management professionals is technology. From initial risk assessment before on-boarding a new client to ongoing risk monitoring to surface threats more quickly, the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics show great promise. Tools to help you identify and mitigate financial, regulatory & reputational risk Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are ...
22 May 2020

3 Incredible Benefits of Applying Robotic Process Automation to Your Third-Party Due Diligence

As companies come to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, risk managers face a double challenge. In addition to navigating the ‘new normal’ of disrupted supply chains, work-from-home mandates and economic challenges, organizations must still address regulatory requirements to mitigate the risk of costly enforcement actions.
22 May 2020

Purpose & Profit: How Tony's Chocolonely is Transforming the Cocoa Industry to Address the Risk of Child Labor in the Supply Chain

Online education isn’t new, however the social distancing required by the coronavirus pandemic means digital learning is growing exponentially.
22 May 2020

Hit the Bullseye on These 4 Top Business Goals with On-Target Research for Consultants

As a consultant, you’re constantly focused on the business goals of your clients. Are you neglecting your own business goals in the process? As flight attendants remind passengers before every flight, “You should put on your own oxygen ma...
15 May 2020

Healthcare Under Siege: Re-evaluating 2020 Trends in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learn how healthcare consulting trends are evolving because of COVID-19 and why research for consultants will help you adapt to the post-pandemic world.
15 May 2020

Adapting competitive intelligence research to the biggest 2020 consulting industry trends ... including an unexpected pandemic

Agility is more important than ever for consulting firms, given COVID-19 and other 2020 trends. Read how competitive intelligence research helps.
15 May 2020

Charitable Giving in Crisis? What Non-Profits Can Learn From COVID-19 (Part 1)

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a grim reality for nonprofits. We’re exploring how to make it through in a 2-part series on our blog.
13 May 2020

How Libraries are Helping People Embrace the Future

Some still seem to believe that libraries are dusty, Dewey Decimal-laden places sure to be driven into extinction by our highly digitized, technology-driven world. But the truth is that libraries and librarians or, as many of them prefer, “information specialists” have actually been helping to usher in the new whizbang era. In fact, some other industries and occupations could learn a thing or two from how ...
30 Apr 2020

Reputations in the crosshairs: Why prospect research needs to look beyond wealth indicators

Trust is under siege—again. Two decades ago, The Chronicle of Philanthropy predicted declining trust in charitable organizations, due in part because of scandals. This year, writes the Chronicle’s editor Stacy Palmer, those same issues “… have again become so serious they made our 2020 list.” Is it a surprise? Not for anyone who’s followed negative buzz dominating news cycles. As a ...
30 Apr 2020