Global Stories, Regional Perspectives: Using the Newly Available BBC World Service Content in Nexis® to Inform Business & Academic Research

Looking to expand the news sources you tap into for business research and more? See what the newest addition to Nexis—BBC World Service—offers.
7 May 2021

6 Ways Corporate Data as a Service Can Improve CRM Hygiene and Business Insights

Learn the benefits of using Nexis DaaS for up-to-date information on your competitors, partners, prospects, and customers.
5 May 2021

X Marks the Spot: Discover a Treasure Trove of B2B Contacts with Salutary Data ... Now Available for Business & Academic Research

On the hunt for robust B2B contact records? Discover the newest source added to Nexis® and Nexis Uni®—Salutary Data. Read our blog for details.
4 May 2021

6 Ways Risk Managers Benefit from Using Data as a Service for Risk Management

Here’s how you can improve your predictive modeling and risk monitoring efforts—and the 6 benefits you’ll see when you use Nexis DaaS
26 Apr 2021

5 Ways to Improve Your Next Data Science or Analytics Project Using Data as a Service

Want to cut down on the time-consuming tasks that hold you back from perfecting your analytics models and achieving your AI goals? Here’s how.
20 Apr 2021

4 Benefits You Can Achieve with Datasets from Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS)

These benefits prove that you can enhance your analytics and achieve your goals with access to a large quantity of high-quality datasets.
15 Apr 2021

Answer These 5 Questions to Help Choose the Best Due Diligence Tool for Your Business

Thinking of updating your due diligence tech? Find out what to look for to enable fast, efficient due diligence investigations. Read the tips now!
13 Apr 2021

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Our APIs for Fast Access to Curated, Relevant Datasets

Learn what you can achieve when you use our flexible APIs to easily integrate curated, enriched data into your analytics, applications, and workflows.
9 Apr 2021

Enhance the Value of Business Development Research by Focusing on These 4 Critical Areas in the Sales Pipeline

We recently teamed up with Jinfo to create a hands-on Discovery Workbook that looks at where you can deliver measurable value by leveraging data and technology for business development. Read on for a quick preview.
25 Mar 2021

Meet a Content Titan: 4 Reasons to Take Advantage of News from The Associated Press in Your Business Research on Nexis

Since 1977, The Associated Press has been a critical source of news coverage within our comprehensive research platform, Nexis. Take a closer look!
23 Mar 2021

Here’s How Our Data Enrichment Process Enables Less Time Searching and More Time Uncovering Insights

Take advantage of an enrichment process that resolves and refines data results for extraction—so you get quicker access to relevant content.
22 Mar 2021

Maintaining Journalistic Integrity Within the Social Media News Landscape

With mounting pressure on journalists to combat misleading news on social media, Nexis is a fact-checking tool for faster, stronger reporting.
11 Mar 2021

6 Familiar Hurdles of Uncovering Beneficial Ownership & How Robust Due Diligence Can Help

As regulators expand requirements for beneficial ownership transparency, risk managers face some familiar hurdles. Read more.
4 Mar 2021

Useful Tips for Finding the Critical Consulting Intelligence Needed to Navigate Current & Emerging Trends in 2021

Looking for insights to guide your clients through the coming year? Check out some notable trends for 2021 and the tools for consultants that can help.
12 Feb 2021

How to Leverage Pre-Built Analysis Like a Pro

With hundreds of analysis charts and options, Newsdesk helps you uncover trends and insights you can act on—fast. Get to know our pre-built analysis dashboards today!
1 Feb 2021

How to Stay on Top of Adverse News Using Data APIs

Learn how to quickly find relevant adverse news—so you can better gather intelligence and mitigate financial, regulatory, or reputational risks.
28 Jan 2021

Nexis DaaS Customer Story: My Market Insight

The data as a service offering by LexisNexis has enabled us to grow our business. Through global content coverage that is so comprehensive, scalable and reliable, our clients can now track the performance of their global PR investment and build...
17 Nov 2020

Nexis DaaS Customer Story: Adarga

“In an ever-changing informational context, LexisNexis’ massive source universe makes Adarga’s content offering extremely versatile and capable of serving an extremely wide variety of use cases for our customer base.” Overview...
12 Nov 2020

How Data & Technology Create a Crystal Ball into Emerging Third-Party Risks

According to the Stanford Law School FCPA Clearinghouse , 16 of the 19 enforcement actions in 2019 involved bribery schemes that relied on third-party intermediaries. Then the coronavirus emerged on the global scene and a host of supply chain vulnerab...
29 Oct 2020

On-demand Webinar: 4 Macrotrends & the Micro Pivots Information Professionals Can Make to Stay Ahead of Business Research Needs

Miss us at SLA? Check out our webinar on macrotrends and the micro pivots you can make to get maximum value from your research, now available on demand.
27 Oct 2020

PEP Risk Watch: Your Guide to Effective Due Diligence & Monitoring of Politically Exposed Persons

In a post-Coronavirus world, the ethical expectations companies face from consumers, investors, third parties and regulators will only increase. This means that companies’ relationships to Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) will be scrutinised more than ever. Download our step-by-step guide on using Nexis® Solutions technology and data to screen, investigate and monitor PEPs to mitigate risk. Why the focus ...
23 Sep 2020

Stump Speeches & Swing States: 3 Simple Tips for Researching This Year's Presidential Campaign with Nexis Uni

Get tips for using Nexis Uni for academic research covering the candidates and their campaigns in the run up to the 2020 presidential election.
21 Sep 2020

News Nostalgia: 17 More Headlines from the Past 10 Years

We can’t resist another trip down memory lane. Here are 17 more defining headlines from the past ten years, a retrospective powered by Nexis.
24 Aug 2020

Looking Back: 23 Global Headlines from the Past Decade

The 21st century’s “teen years” have certainly been eventful. From the heart-warming to the heart-breaking, we searched the Nexis database to look back at some of the decade’s most impactful stories.
17 Aug 2020

6 Quick Tips for Qualifying Potential Donors

Nexis for Development Professionals can make qualifying prospective donors easier and faster. Here are six quick-start tips for using this robust tool.
11 Aug 2020