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LexisNexis® Updates for Legal Products & Content – January 2023

February 21, 2023 (1 min read)

New Lexis Content 

New publications released on Lexis this month:  

  • Restatement of the Law: The Laws of American Indians – Official Text 
  • Maine Title Standards 
  • The California Prison and Parole Handbook  
  • Transportation Antitrust Handbook (ABA)  
  • LexisNexis Missouri Real Estate Litigation Forms 
  • South Carolina Residential Real Estate Guide for Attorneys 

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New Features 

CourtLink® Integration with Fact & Issue Finder Case Graph  

Access a docket from CourtLink quickly through Lexis+® Pinpoint, formerly Fact & Issue Finder. If you find an important case, quickly switch to CourtLink to view the docket in its entirety.  

Example of Alerts Manager on CourtLink  


CaseMap® Case Templates 

Create custom templates for CaseMap Cloud cases, including adding additional data fields that will be available whenever the template is used.  

Example of template creation on CaseMap Cloud  

Example of custom data fields on CaseMap Cloud templates  


Shepard’s® Extended History  

Get the full scope of a case with Shepard’s History at a Glance. View important case actions like appeals or add smaller actions like Habeas Corpus petitions or court transfer attempts.  

Example of expanded Shepard’s history 


Lexis+ Run Search As  

Run a Lexis+ search as a natural language or terms and connectors search. If it’s too broad or specific, easily switch to the other search method to get more precise results.


Example of Search As selector on Lexis+  


All Content Types in Lexis Alerts 

Stay ahead of the competition by setting an alert for all new cases, statutes, and more in one click. Select All Content Types to be alerted to any new documents added to Lexis that fit your search parameters.  

Example of Content Type selection on Lexis+ alerts 


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