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4 Reasons You Need a Top Research Platform for Financial Professionals When Engaging in M&A Activity

July 10, 2020 (2 min read)

The economy has been on a roller coaster the last few years—and that includes in the arena of mergers and acquisitions. But the projected economic downturn doesn’t necessarily mean M&A activity—or the research needed to support M&A deals—will come to a standstill.

However, research takes time--and if you're busy negotiating the ever-changing financial environment, you may not have the time it takes to do thorough research to keep up with the landscape. Here's how Nexis can make your life easier. 

How to use Nexis as a financial professionals

Whether you’re a financial advisor to a client considering a merger or acquisition or looking into potential M&A deals for your own organization, a comprehensive solution like Nexis® for Finance helps you make confident decisions based on solid business intelligence. Here are four clear benefits:

  1. Uncover and track M&A opportunities. The combination of Nexis, Nexis® Dossier and LexisNexis® Public Records puts vital information at your fingertips. Review trade journals, industry, market and company news, market analyses to spot signals of potential opportunities. Identify stressed companies based on financial stability scores and other financial markers. Keep tabs on current mergers and acquisitions with comprehensive information from MergerStat.
  1. Get to know the companies involved, fast. Access Company Snapshots for a quick overview including a company description, key financials, top executives, and the latest news on any of the 240 million companies from around the world. Want to take a deeper dive? Generate custom, in-depth Company Profiles including company hierarchies to better understand the relationship between a parent company and its subsidiaries, divisions, plants and even shell companies. Review SWOT analyses of the companies involved to clearly understand each organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  1. Find public records related to a company with access to 82 billion public records, all in one place. SmartLinx® reporting technology simplifies the process by organizing results from a company search into a concise report with links to the source documents. SmartLinx also identifies potential red flags, providing color-coded markers to indicate the issue.
  1. Enhance your due diligence process. Nexis for Finance features a variety of critical resources to help you manage M&A risk. Determine if the companies involved are subject to international or national sanctions or appear on enforcement agency watchlists, or blacklists. Review current and archival adverse media to understand if association with a company poses a reputational or regulatory risk due to unethical conduct or compliance failures in the past. Dig into legal sources to identify potential issues, such as a litigious past that could indicate the potential for costly lawsuits in the future.

Recently, Harvard Business Review pointed out that companies that moved forward with major acquisitions during the global financial crisis in 2008 outperformed their less adventurous rivals. The opportunities are out there, and with a top research platform for financial professionals at your fingertips, you will be better prepared to find and act on M&A deals with confidence.

See for yourself by arranging a personalized demo of Nexis for Finance today.