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6 Benefits of Protecting Your Brand Reputation with Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS)

May 18, 2021 (3 min read)
Brand analysis data informs your business strategy

A key part of protecting your brand requires knowing when negative news is about to drop. After all, the more heads-up you get, the more time you have to plan a response and coordinate your efforts. To make the most of that time, you need a quick and efficient way to know about negative news the second it happens.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. We live in a 24/7 world of never-ending news cycles and social commentary—and the daily avalanche of news can overwhelm even the most diligent of PR professionals. So how on earth can you possibly track news across all forms of media, let alone be alerted to when there’s a story that could impact your brand?

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) helps you protect your brand reputation with up-to-date, relevant data. It not only provides you access to curated content from three to five million news articles and social posts per day, but it also alerts you to any news or social commentary that might harm your brand. In fact, the benefits of using Nexis DaaS are so good, PR specialists, marketing managers, and sales professionals from virtually every industry choose Nexis DaaS to:

  • Leverage current and historical news articles for predictive analytics
  • Find out where PR, marketing, or sales initiatives are best performing
  • Get a clear picture of messaging effectiveness
  • Analyze the origins of negative sentiment to identify media outlets and influencers for engagement

So exactly what are the benefits of using Nexis DaaS? Here are six of our favorites.

Benefit #1: Enhance trend analysis and predictive analytics tools

With Nexis DaaS, you gain the ability to integrate relevant and credible licensed news and social commentary datasets into trend analysis and predictive analytics tools. Your market data analyses become that much more informed, you can better gauge brand performance, and your competitive intelligence becomes more constructive and insightful.

Benefit #2: Gain a competitive advantage with a holistic view

Nexis DaaS gives you a holistic view of adverse news and social commentary. You can better anticipate news cycles, track brand portfolios, identify signals in news and other content sources, and effectively manage your spending while maximizing reach and amplifying your brand’s voice. And you can do it all by monitoring global news and using event-driven insights via a single view of the entire business environment and media landscape.

Benefit #3: Deliver valuable, targeted media monitoring data

You can feed news and social commentary data into your analytics using any one of our flexible API options. With simple and easy data integration, you can better inform your campaigns, evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing tactics, and better determine the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Benefit #4: Account for cultural and geographical differences

A marketing push that helps your brand reputation in one corner of the world might have the opposite effect somewhere else. Nexis DaaS gives you the ability to customize your news feed templates, so you can understand how your brand is perceived differently around the globe—and how your marketing efforts play into those perceptions for better or for worse.

Benefit #5: Respond proactively to marketing opportunities or disruption

Your analytics tools will access the unmatched wealth of data from Nexis DaaS to help you identify more nuanced trends and receive alerts regarding developments on both a local and global scale. As patterns form, you can course correct before a brand emergency strikes. Conversely, you can jump on opportunities just as they’re taking shape.

Benefit #6: Gain a widespread and in-depth perspective of all media

Nexis DaaS delivers a comprehensive look at events from media sources around the world. You can better understand potential issues that possibly impact your brand—

wherever those issues originate—and have greater insight into your overall brand perception on local, regional, and international scales.

Nexis DaaS proves it’s possible to stay on top of the daily news avalanche—and use the wealth of data to better monitor and protect your brand reputation. Learn more about these and the other benefits of using Nexis DaaS for brand data research and analysis here.