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Top Five Reasons to Take Advantage of Nexis Trials

June 05, 2024 (4 min read)
Nexis Instant Free Trial gets you access to the data you need easily.

With new sources of content popping up every minute, finding reliable, relevant sources for your research projects can be a major challenge.

It might seem that searching on the open web is a free and easy way to find the information you need, but it's often more trouble than it's worth. If you are using the open web, you can run into a whole host of research obstacles: paywalls, bad writing and reporting, unrelated topics, lack of specificity, and a major waste of resources. And, your competitors are focused on producing similar ideas--faster and more efficiently. 

That's why access to credible, updated sources of news and business content to drive your research and business decisions is more important than ever. 

Fortunately, Nexis® Research Solutions from LexisNexis to help you overcome all your research needs. In this article, we'll explore the top five ways Nexis can make your research easier and show you why you should contact us for a free trial. 

Access to complete information

We've all been there. You find the exact article you need to complete your research. You click on the link from your search engine, and're met with a paywall. Suddenly, your perfect resource becomes inaccessible, and you're back to square one.  

With Nexis, this isn't an issue. With 36,000+ licensed resources  and 45,000 resources across news, web and social media outlets, the Nexis database offers a comprehensive content library from leading publishers across the globe. The database hosts both current content and more than four decades of archival content spanning global news outlets, special interest sources and trade publications in nine different languages. It also unlocks key company, executive and legal data across 280 million companies and executives.

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Quality of data

In today's age of research, a lot of time is spent on sifting through the noise: fake news, misinformation, AI-created content, and more. All these sources are part of an open web search, and you have to do your own vetting as to their validity. This takes time you don't have, and you run the risk of disseminating content that is inaccurate--which could damage your reputation.  

Unlike the open web, the Nexis database is carefully curated to provide premium content across premier source material. It excludes dubious sources to provide quality search results and reliable insights all in one platform. Our enriched datasets help you discern exactly where your content is coming from and the validity of the source. This means you don't have to worry about sharing incorrect data or making a business decision based on bad information. 

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Find relevant information

It's quite possible that your search topic can have different meanings, lead you to a variety of people, or get commandeered by paid promotion. Like with data quality, it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through a search engine to find the data that meets your criteria. 

However, the Nexis search engine returns reliable content that is relevant to your topic. It leverages natural language processing and machine learning to connect search queries across datasets, which is one of the reasons why it is the trusted business search engine for verified, up-to-date sources of competitive intelligence, breaking news and other key information. 

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User-friendly platform 

Open web search engines seem easy. Type in your topic and go, right? As we've outlined above, that's not always the case. In fact, typing in your topic and hitting search often doesn't take you to the exact information you need. Furthermore, filtering tools are often hard to find and don't help streamline your results.

Nexis users can easily run searches across all database content or conduct advanced, targeted searches using the power search tool. With smart search technologies, Nexis researchers can input natural language or Boolean searches, pinpoint timelines and add or remove certain keywords. You can even easily save your research in Nexis® Hub to return to later. 

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Save time and money

Yes, open web searches are free. But, have you calculated the cost of the time and resources spent sifting through all that data? Not to mention the costs to subscribe to every platform that has a paywall. Furthermore, in addition to the shift toward paywall content, media publishers are also becoming the second fastest growing segment behind streaming video services to adopt subscription-based models, meaning your costs will quickly add up. 

Nexis customers save money with access to restricted sources through one, easy-to-use platform. And, the ease-of-use saves you time on research, which will lower your total overhead costs. What's more, backed with the insights from specific, reliable data, you can make business decisions that will improve your bottom line. 

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See Nexis in action by requesting a free trial

We think the benefits of Nexis greatly outweigh the cost, but we want you to see for yourself!

Through a 7-day Nexis Free Trial, users can search premium content that delivers unique insights and empowers confident decisions. From media and finance executives to nonprofit and competitive intelligence professionals, a free Nexis trial is a great way to test drive our database and gather background for a story, find vital business insights or gauge emerging industry trends.