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What are Journalist Contact Cards in Nexis Newsdesk?

September 27, 2021 (2 min read)

You need to know what journalists are saying about your company—the good and the bad. But with so many journalists and websites writing and publishing articles every single day (sometimes seemingly by the minute), it’s far too difficult to stay on top of which ones impact your company’s perception.

But what about journalist outreach? After all, understanding your company’s reputation is one thing. Finding ways to improve that reputation and expand your brand’s awareness is another thing entirely. So, you need to find and foster relationships with journalists capable and willing to help you. But having to search for and identify those journalists and learning the best methods for engaging with them can feel like a monumental endeavor in its own right.

That’s why we created journalist contact cards for Nexis Newsdesk. Available in an add-on module, these cards make searching for and finding the details of journalists—both known and unknown to your company—fast and easy.

A journalist contact finder to complement your news monitoring

By providing journalist contact cards, we’ve taken the next logical progression toward furthering Nexis Newsdesk as the “All from One” media monitoring tool. Now, not only can you effectively conduct news monitoring to make informed media response decisions—you can also find, analyze, and proactively reach out to the journalists most likely to work with you to grow your reputation and recognition. And you can do it all on a single platform.

The benefits of using journalist contact cards in Nexis Newsdesk

If you’re part of an in-house communications team or with a PR agency, you already know the frustration of having to identify specific journalists and track down their media contact details. Journalist contact cards eliminate that frustration by adding three capabilities to Newsdesk:

  1. Quick accessibility to journalists’ contact details
  2. An easy and digestible way to view media contact information
  3. Analysis of journalist sentiment, reach, and media mentions

Journalist contact cards allow Nexis Newsdesk users to rapidly search for and find the details of specific journalists. Key contact information for members of the media is presented in an easy-to-understand “card” view. And aside from merely providing contact details, each contact card shares a journalist’s reach, reputation and sentiment, and their own mentions in the media. So when you type the name of a journalist into the Newsdesk search bar, what you get in return is a contact card that reveals a detailed journalist profile to help you make a more informed decision of whether outreach makes sense.

Among the journalist information you’ll find for analysis, each card provides:

  • Standardized author names
  • Latest articles, topics they write about, and people/companies they mention most
  • Contact information (including email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook)

Add journalist contact cards to Nexis Newsdesk

Journalist contact cards let you take a more proactive approach in your media monitoring. That’s because they give you the contact details and profiles you need to partner with the journalists capable of helping you improve and grow your reputation. Ready to try them out? You can add the cards to Nexis Newsdesk by going here.