Revolutionize your research with the full power of
Lexis Advance® combined with total integration of cutting-edge LexisNexis® solutions.

Search more intuitively

Lexis Advance® is a research solution built for life at the speed of a lawyer. With a clean, intuitive interface and streamlined navigation, Lexis Advance® gets you where you need to go—fast.

Build a better case

LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite helps you achieve better case outcomes with solutions that help you manage and present your case evidence, tap into dockets and documents, reveal facts related to a case and uncover information on key players.

Integrate research and drafing tools

Lexis® for Microsoft Office® is a legal drafting and review tool that drastically cuts down the time it takes to draft or respond to legal documents by running right within the Microsoft® Word documents and Outlook® emails you’re working in.

Develop malpractice case strategy

MedMal Navigator® provides quick access to the critical medical and legal information you need to evaluate complex medical malpractice cases and formulate a winning case strategy.

Looking for something else?

Gain strategic advantages and make more-informed decisions with the LexisNexis® comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Uncover hidden connections

LexisNexis® Public Records gives you a more comprehensive picture of the people, places and companies you do business with—and helps you uncover hidden connections you may have missed.

Ensure it's good law

Shepard's® Citations Service is the only place in the legal world where you receive comprehensive editorial analysis conducted by experienced attorneys. Ensure your authorities are good law—and be confident that you’re building a stronger case.

Get practical guidance for practical matters

Lexis Practice Advisor® is built specifically for transactional attorneys to provide guidance and information on the topics, transactions and perspectives that matter most.

Read critical legal texts anytime, anywhere

LexisNexis® eBooks allow you to consult critical legal texts from anywhere at any time, whether you ’re flying on a plane, sitting in court or standing in line. With LexisNexis eBooks, your legal library is portable and accessible 24/7.