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Get Cited Docs

Get Cited Docs

How do I identify and view a report of citations in my document?

While drafting a document, you can generate a list of citations used in your document. When you do this, citations will be changed to hyperlinks so you can click them and view the related cases in the Research Pane. Additionally, Shepard's Signal™ indicators will be added to the citations to help you know the citation's status.

To mark citations in your document:

  1. While viewing the document, in the Shepard's® Tools section of the ribbon, click the Get Cited Docs button. The text is scanned and any citations you have included in the text are changed to hyperlinks. Where possible, Shepard's Signal™ indicators are displayed. Additionally, the Research Pane is opened on the right side of the document, and the case list is displayed in the Validation tab.
  2. Complete any of the following optional steps:
Option Description
To view a case you are citing

Click the hyperlink. The case is opened in the Research Pane.

To view the Shepard's Summary for a citation

Click the indicator next to the hyperlink. The following indicators can help you determine the current standing of a case:
   Warning Warning: Negative treatment indicated
   Questioned Question: Validity questioned by citing references
   Caution Caution: Possible negative treatment
   Positive Positive treatment is indicated
   Citing References with Analysis Citing references with analysis are available

   Citations Available Citation information is available
To change citations back to standard (non-hyperlinked) text

Click the Get Cited Docs button (Get Cited Docs) again.

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