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Lexis® for Microsoft® Office:
Precedents & Guidance

Precedents & Guidance

How do I search for precedent language?

You can highlight text in your document and then use Lexis® for Microsoft® Office to search for precedent language or model forms.

For example, imagine you are drafting an employment agreement for a contract employee. You can highlight text like "employment agreement for contract employee" in your document and then search for model documents that can serve as examples or templates for your work. These models may include text or other ideas you may wish to incorporate in your own document.

To search for precedent language or samples and forms:

    1. While in the document, highlight the text on which you want to search.
    2. In the Precedents & Guidance section of the ribbon, choose the type of precedent you are seeking from the list of options. Documents related to your search appear in the Research Pane.
    3. Click one of the following tabs to show only documents found using that search tool: Lexis®, Practical Guidance®, Lexis® Web, Bing®, or Google.
    4. Complete any of the following optional steps:

Option Description

To view a specific document

Click the hyperlink associated with the document you want to review.

To filter your search results (Lexis and Lexis Web searches only)

Click the Narrow by drop-down list, locate the area on which you want to filter, and choose the specific filter. For example, to filter based on court, choose the specific court from the list under the Court heading.

To sort your results in a different order

Choose your sorting option from the Sort by drop-down list.

To rerun your search using different options, or to expand your search to include synonyms or other text equivalents

Choose the option you want from the Actions drop-down list.

To view your search results in a separate browser window

Click the View in Browser button.

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