Lexis® Market Tracker—New Content Type

Lexis® Market Tracker—New Content Type

A new content type has been added to Lexis® Market Tracker consisting of SEC-sourced Credit Agreement deals. This new Credit Agreement content will be offered at no additional charge through December 31, 2014, for all users of Lexis Market Tracker.

Lexis Market Tracker is a unique offering providing quick access and analysis of the terms and provisions of recent M&A and Credit Agreement transactions. With Lexis Market Tracker you can determine market standards and trends for more than 900 highly negotiated deal elements in M&A deals and more than 500 deal elements in Credit Agreement deals, so you can confidently counsel clients, and structure and negotiate the terms of your transactions.

Scope of Lexis Market Tracker Coverage

Data Origination:

  • M&A Deals—All SEC-sourced merger documents for U.S. and U.S. cross-border transactions since 2007 – 2009 (with deal amounts more than $500 million) and since 2010 – current (with deal amounts more than $200 million). Since 2010 for acquisitions and stock purchases deals (for deals over $200 million).
  • Credit Agreement Deals—A sampling of SEC-sourced credit agreement documents for U.S. borrower transactions since 2012 (with deal amounts more than $100 million) from a variety of industry sectors and covering a range of loan types including term loans; working capital financing; cross-border financings; trade financings; debt refinancing; acquisition financings; standby LOCs; second-lien deals; and investment grade, non-investment grade, secured and unsecured deals.

Update Cycle: Within two weeks of the documents being filed with the SEC.

Lexis Market Tracker credit transactions are currently in Beta. This offering includes a representative sampling of credit transactions and searchable deal points that will be available as the offering is further developed. You can send us your suggestions by clicking the Feedback link at the top of the page within Lexis Market Tracker.

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