Lexis Diligence™ Enhancements

Lexis Diligence™ Enhancements

To help you streamline your due-diligence process we’ve added new features to your Lexis Diligence™ solution. Take a look at what’s new:

Greater flexibility: customize your news searches. Create custom news searches tailored to your specific needs. Now you can go beyond negative news searches to search for persons and companies to address specific risks. Results are displayed under their own tab and in their own section in Report Builder.

More efficiency: uncover PEP connections to companies. A PEP sources option has been added to the company check form, making it easier to see relationships between PEPs and corporate entities—a critical advantage when conducting due diligence to ensure compliance with anti-bribery and corruption standards.

Get results faster: enhanced Report Builder. The Report Builder features improved formatting and a more slick presentation, enabling you to quickly create and share reports.

More control: customized cost tracking. Administrators can now set fixed costs codes or allow for both pre-set and free text codes to be used, improving your ability to accurately monitor project costs.

Access better content: U.S. premium verdicts. If you already enjoy access to premium verdict content through lexis.com® or Lexis Advance®, that content will now be searchable in Lexis Diligence to supplement our standard verdict content.

Download the enhancements overview >>