Farewell to Zimmerman’s Research Guide

Farewell to Zimmerman’s Research Guide

Zimmerman's Research Guide is a free online encyclopedia for legal researchers created, edited and updated by Andy Zimmerman, Manager of Library Services for the D.C. office of Morgan Lewis & Bockius.

Andy has decided it’s time to retire Zimmerman’s Research Guide. The Guide will no longer be available online after December 31, 2015.

The Guide began a number of years ago when Andy was visiting a senior law librarian at her office. She had a black ring binder stuffed with paper—her “black book,” holding the 20-odd years of her accumulated wisdom. That afternoon Andy started his own black book.

Andy made his accumulated knowledge available to other librarians, at first in print, and eventually online—with the goal of making the Guide accessible to all researchers at no cost. The first home of the Guide was on LLRX.com beginning in late 1999. LexisNexis began hosting the Guide in 2003.

Zimmerman's Research Guide has been a great starting point for research and will be missed by researchers around the world. LexisNexis has been pleased to host the Guide for the past 12 years.

Andy would like to thank all the librarians who contributed to the Guide over the years. He would particularly like to thank Marsha Pront, Gitelle Seer, Cindy Chick, Trevor Rosen and Sally Munson for their exceptional contributions. Andy adds, “A special thanks is due to Cindy Spohr, manager of the LexisNexis Librarian Relations Group, for finding the Guide its long-term home on the InfoPro website.”