Learning resources for your fall associates

Learning resources for your fall associates

We know how busy it is this time of year onboarding your fall associates, and we’re here to help support your efforts. Share these updated learning resources with your fall associates as part of your training program related to the LexisNexis® products you subscribe to. In addition, your LexisNexis practice area specialist is available to provide in-person or virtual training, answer questions, etc.

Lexis Advance®:

Quick How-to Guides
  •  Integrated Features Improve Research Efficiency
  •  Ravel™ View
  •  Lexis Advance Terms & Connectors

  •  Ravel View How-to Video: great example demonstrating the power of Ravel View to find “the” case
  •  Lexis Advance Search Basics Training
  •  Shepard’s Training
  •  Lexis Advance Practice Centers Training
  •  Show Me How Videos: over 30 short videos on a variety of research tasks and tools

Lexis Practice Advisor®:
           •  Support & Training

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office:
           •  Support & Training

LexisNexis® CourtLink®:
           •  Support & Training

Lexis® Securities Mosaic®:
           •  Support & Training


LexisNexis® Intelligize™

LexisNexis® Digital Library