Apply for an AALL LexisNexis® Research Grant by April 1, 2018

AALL's LexisNexis Research Grant Jury is accepting applications through April 1st for research grants from the AALL Research Fund (An Endowment Established by LexisNexis) . The jury may allocate $5,000 between one or more applicants seeking funding for research that advances AALL's Research Agenda...

Hot legal updates: new legislation—changing how streaming services pay

Share these practice area developments with attorneys and others who may be interested in these updates: • LEGISLATION: Changing How Streaming Services Pay

Shepard’s Signal™ indicators now integrated into case headnotes on Lexis Advance®

Save time reviewing Shepard’s ® insights and analysis at the issue level when viewing a full-text case on the Lexis Advance service. See more Lexis Advance enhancements here.

New table of contents selection options for search and delivery on Lexis Advance

Save time selecting sections of the table of contents to add to a search without selecting each individual node. Select full chapters, sections or any parent group with one click. And, deliver groups of documents from a table of contents with ease. See more Lexis Advance enhancements here.