Introducing new predictive analysis and data visualization tools within Lexis Advance®

Introducing new predictive analysis and data visualization tools within Lexis Advance®

You now have the ability to gain more insight into pending legislation and better inform your strategy using  Legislative Outlook tools!

Have you ever wondered what the chances of passage were for the vital legislation that may affect your work or your clients? Now you can see the probability!

The new  Legislative Outlook tools deliver legislative forecasting visuals that allow you to see the probability of passage for each bill that is introduced. This enhancement helps you identify the legislation you should be paying attention to, understand the political factors that are impacting movement and anticipate upcoming hurdles.

There are three new Lexis Advance Legislative Outlook tools available for bills and bill tracking documents from all 50 States and the Federal government. For each bill, the Legislative Outlook forecasting and visual tools display the following:

1. The Legislative Outlook Gauge provides a high-level indicator of the probability that a bill will pass the next stage. The gauge is visible in the text of a bill and in the bill tracking document. The forecasting model is based on historical patterns for each state to provide probable future outcomes, including partisan breakdown, sponsor’s influence and 1st committee assignment. 

2. A Legislative Progress Bar timeline that gives you a visual representation of the status of a bill in the legislative process.

3. The Legislative Forecast Details show the probability of passage for each stage in the legislative process. The probability is determined when the bill is introduced and generally does not change unless the bill gets sent back to committee or the text is significantly altered. Additional information found in this tool includes political details, bill sponsor details and forecast factors.

Worried about the cost? No need—the Legislative Outlook Gauge and the Progress Bar are included in your Lexis Advance legislative subscription. Additionally, between now and November 30, 2016, the Legislative Outlook in Detail documents are also available to Lexis Advance subscribers without any additional charges. (Government customers are excluded from this offer but trials of the new features and content can be made available.)