What Content is Indexed?

What Content is Indexed?

LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ terms tag all English (US & UK), French and German news publications, as well as U.S. federal and state legislative materials; company profiles; and SEC filings.

News Sources
English (U.S. & UK), French and German newspapers, news wires, newsletters, magazines, journals, transcripts, blogs and images. Includes individual and group files (ALLNWS, CURNWS, ARCNWS, 90DAYS, etc.)

Federal Legislative Sources
Bill tracking, full-text bills, legislative forecasts, Congressional Record, committee reports and prints, committee membership profile report, House and Senate floor voting records and documents, federal regulation tracking, U.S. budget, presidential documents, NCSL LegisBriefs, Federal News Service Daybook and FEC news releases.  Tagged with English Subjects and Industries only.

State Legislative Sources 
Bill tracking, full-text bills, regulations tracking, RegAlert, and California analysis of pending bills.  Tagged with English Subjects and Industries only.

Company & Industry Sources
Tagged with English Subjects, Industries and Companies only.

  • America's Corporate Finance Directory (AMFIN)
  • Best's Company Reports (AMBEST)
  • Canada Business Directory (CANBIZ)
  • COFISEM, Quoted French & European Companies (COFISM)
  • Company Briefs–International (COBR)
  • Company Briefs–U.S. (COBRUS)
  • Company Intelligence–International (CIINTL)
  • Company Intelligence–U.S. (CIUS)
  • CoreData Canadian Institutional Database (MGCAN)
  • CoreData International Institutional Database (MGINTL)
  • CoreData US Institutional Database (MGUS)
  • Datamonitor® Company Profiles (DMCO)
  • Datamonitor Industry Reports (DMIND)
  • Directory of Corporate Affiliations™ (DCA)
  • Disclosure (DISCLO)
  • EdgarPlus (EDGARP)
  • Extel Cards (EXTEL)
  • Financial Post Corporate Surveys (FPCORP)
  • Hoover's® Company Capsules (HVRCAP)
  • Hoover's Company Profiles (HVRPRO)
  • Hoover's Industry Snapshots (HVRIND)
  • ICC Full-Text Quoted Company Annual Reports (ICCCO)
  • Integra Industry Reports (INTIND)
  • Market Guide Company Profiles (MGDCOM)
  • Market Guide Industry Aggregates (MGDIND)
  • Market Guide Significant Developments (MGDDEV)
  • National Trade Databank Market Reports (MKTRPT)
  • OneSource® Corptech Company Database (CPTECH)
  • Plunkett's Industry Reports (PLKIND)
  • ProfitCents® Analyst Reports (VCENTS)
  • Standard & Poor's® Corporate Descriptions (SPDESC)
  • Standard & Poor's Corporate Profiles (SPCOM)
  • Standard & Poor's Corporate Register (SPCORP)
  • Standard & Poor's Current Environment Reports (SPCER)
  • Standard & Poor's Daily News (SPNEWS)
  • Standard & Poor's Monthly Industry Review (SPIND)
  • U.S. Business Directory (USABIZ)
  • Weiss Stock Research Reports (WSSRPT)
  • Worldscope®–International Company Profiles (WLDSCP)

Country Reports
EIU Country Reports and PRS Group Political Risk Service.

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