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Brian JM Quinn
Davidoff on Airgas

Steven Davidoff has just posted a nice case study of the Airgas decision forthcoming in the Columbia Business Law Review. Steven had a front-row view of the Airgas hostile offer and subsequent litigation. (Google Deal Prof and Airgas if you don't...

David N. Feldman
Chinese Company Accuses Nasdaq of Racism

Greetings from somewhere above the Midwest on my way to speak at the OneMedPlace conference in San Francisco this week, with the latest RM news. Barron's reports that a lawsuit was filed this past Thursday against Nasdaq by CleanTech Innovations...

Thomas Fox
When the FCPA Professor Writes, You Should Read It

As many compliance practitioners are aware, the FCPA Professor (in real life, Professor and Ironman Triathlete Mike Koehler) writes a daily blog on all things relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) from the legal perspective. It is a great...

Thomas Fox
There Won’t Be Any Trumpets Blowing on Judgment Day

For many of us who came of age in the early 1970s Billy Jack was "The Man". He was about the baddest dude there was, a Vietnam vet who could kung-fu with the best of them. His story was about a man who helps to try to clean up corruption in...

Thomas Fox
The End is Nigh for Facilitation Payments – Get Ahead of the Breeze

Last summer, an article was published in the University of Pennsylvania, Journal of Business Law , entitled " The OECD's Call for an End to the 'Corrosive' Facilitation Payments and the International Focus on the Facilitation Payments...

Francis G.X. Pileggi
Corporate Lawyers as Gatekeepers

Professor Stephen Bainbridge, a corporate law scholar often cited in Delaware decisions, has written an article entitled: "Corporate Lawyers as Gatekeeper", which was excerpted from his book titled: Corporate Governance After the Financial Crisis...