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BIA on Crime of Violence: Matter of Turou (unpub.)

"[W]e agree with the respondent's contention that pursuant to the Court's decision in Moncrieffe v. Holder, there is "a realistic probability, not a theoretical possibility," that the State of Delaware would apply its Assault in the Second Degree statute to conduct that falls outside...

Unpub. BIA on "Legally Impossible" Crimes: Matter of Clase

Ben Winograd writes: "I'm happy to share this favorable BIA decision in a case I litigated with Susan Pai. The Board held that *attempted* second degree gang assault is not a CIMT because, as New York courts have found, it is a "legally impossible" crime for trial purposes. The Board...

Unpub. BIA 2 CIMT Victory: Matter of Lopez Leal

Houston superstar (and former AILA President) Peter Williamson shared this recent unpublished BIA victory . "[W]e conclude that the 2013 conviction for simple assault is not categorically a CIMT and the DHS has not established removability based on two CIMTs. Therefore, termination was proper."